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Burial fans respond in selfie kind

Stone-faced shots in honour of the original anonymous producer's selfie by #Burialing

The face that launched a thousand lengthy essays about hauntology was finally revealed in full earlier today: Burial, the once-anonymous producer behind two albums that defined late-00s London music, finally caved in and posted a selfie alongside a blogpost hinting at new music on his label's website. The first photo to appear of the south London musical genius since a shaded hoodie shot has inspired a select few of his core fans to begin a trend, beginning with noted producer, musician and social media presence Cameron Reed, who posted this cropped, stunned tribute:

Others followed:

It's basically #planking for people who have favourite Anime OST composers. Or an air guitar for people with Boomkat alerts. Or a really simple, really fun tribute to the guy we now know to be a nice-seeming bloke called Will. We caught up with Cameron – "Rich Homie Cam" Reed about his part in the story of music in 2014: 

How long have you been a Burial fan?

I had honestly never heard of him until 2007’s Untrue. He was a massive influence on early Babe Rainbow stuff and I remain a big fan to this day.

What did you imagine Burial would look like? 

Not nearly as handsome as he really is. 8/10.

What inspired you to start #Burialing?

It’s time that we, together as electronic producers, end this trend of anonymity. We are the music makers. And we are beautiful, too.

How far would you like see #Burialing go?

I just hope we can all come clean and stop hiding behind masks. More specifically I’d like to see A-Trak with his hat off and Gold Panda without his beard.

What's your favourite #Burialing so far? 

I think that Berg, CFCF’s cat, finally revealing its identity was super brave.

Watch the breaking news by following #Burialing. And if you're feeling cheeky, be Evian Christ.