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The music video directors preview their Visionary slot for Samsung Galaxy Shoreditch Studio at Boxpark

If the frenetic pace of cyberspace is eating away at our attention spans, it is certainly also producing fresh new ways of putting visuals to music. 

With their glitchy, hyperchromatic videos, young director duo BRTHR are an excellent case in point, which is why Dazed's video platform has invited them to kick off our three-week takeover of Samsung Galaxy Shoreditch Studio in Boxpark. Covering music, skate culture and cutting-edge tech one week at a time, our next three Visionaries will bring you visual gold both online and IRL. 

Behind BRTHR are American-Japanese Alex Lee and Long Island-native Kyle Wightman, whose rapidly expanding showreel includes Angel Haze’s murky ‘Werkin Girls’ video, a kaleidoscopic, Bollywood-style wedding for Iggy Azaela’s ‘Bounce’ and that kitty-kitsch backdrop for Miley Cyrus’ recent AMA performance. Inspired by the golden era of MTV, when music videos were presented amid swirling animations and OTT idents, BRTHR is a name to look out for in 2014. 

Starting today, their weeklong channel take-over will premiere new music video collaborations with GEMS and I/O, while a large-scale, surreal print exhibition will be on show at the Samsung Galaxy Shoreditch Studio in Boxpark. While you’re there, you can download a BRTHR-collated playlist and show off your own budding auteur talent by creating a 15-second short film using the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear.