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TEED X Dan Wilton Fanzine 2
"Taken about 6 hours before the first pic. We all got in the bath when we returned to our villa after the show. I guess it's a look." – TEEDDan Wilton

TEED X Dan Wilton Fanzine

Exclusive: Behind the scenes of the prismatic dance commander's tour as we preview his new fanzine

On December 5, Oxford-born dance musician Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (aka Orlando Higginbottom) will launch a fanzine at The Wayward Gallery in London, produced in collaboration with photographer Dan Wilton. The 40-page zine gives a glimpse behind-the-scenes of the musician's tour around his spectral debut album Trouble, which he claims "seemed to last four years" and ended this September. While Higginbottom is better known for his headpieces reaching Queen Amidala proportions than his candid side, the publication gives a sweet glimpse into his life on the road, from bubble baths to trailer parks. Check out our gallery below, with annotations from TEED himself.

A limited run of 400 fanzines will be available from TEED's website from December 4