Top ten music videos of the month

Kirin J Callinan gets wet, Thom Yorke splits in two and Julia Holter's haunting latest

Atoms For Peace – "Before Your Very Eyes"

In this remarkable piece of animation, Thom Yorke's ruined countenance arises from an undulating, surrealist desertscape, followed by an entire city, before all are drawn deep underground. Director Andrew Thomas Huang recently won Best New Director at the UK Music Video Awards – check out this behind-the-scenes video to see why.

Rosie Lowe – "Right Thing"

A touchingly controlled central performance from the London newcomer allows the emotional devastation of “Right Thing” to seep in slowly, as the Kwes and Dave Okumu-produced beats rise to heighten the overall impact. A very impressive debut directorial effort by Kieren Gallear (aka Ninja Tune-signed artist DELS). 

Kirin J Callinan – "Landslide"

As you might expect from the idiosyncratic Terrible Records signee Kirin J Callinan, the video for “Landslide” turns the idea of the performance video on its head. Covered in the dust and dirt that form the song’s refrain, the Australian singer-songwriter floats above, then spins into a body of water (with a surprise canine cameo). Read Callinan's head to head interview with Ariel Pink here.

SETH – "Fish Oil"

For “Fish Oil”, cult director Steve Hanft (Beck's "Loser") shows a frog-masked Gobby – well, we assume it's him – playing solo on a rooftop, whilst vocalist James K luminesces through myriad, bike-orientated dreamlike sequences. Hypnotic, bizarre and yet endearingly simple. Read SETH's recent interview with Dazed here.

Dream Koala – "Odyssey"

An eerie and captivating animation provides a visual match to the tranquil yet grandiose charms of French producer Dream Koala’s “Odyssey”. Directors Fabulous and Les Gentiles Garçons vividly depict a dying world with plummeting asteroids, delicately-crashing planes and fireflies escaping lilypads. The tiniest details shine amidst the broader devastation.

Susanne Sundfør – "Among Us"

Director Evan McNary subverts the 'innocent maiden falls foul of cult' narrative into this disquieting tale involving milk and murder by a single naked digit. It's a tantalising video, deftly capturing the blackened heartbeat driving Norwegian singer Susanne Sundfør’s dramatic pop music.  

Woman's Hour – "Darkest Place"

The struggle to remain oblivious to a harsh reality is movingly evoked in this uncomfortable four minutes' viewing, as the band's lead singer Fiona Burgess resists hands that attempt to prise her eyes open. Read more about the rising British group in our exclusive stream of the track here

Gent Mason – "Head"

Evoking that roaring fire we’re all scuttling about dreaming of right now, this raunchy cut from producer Gent Mason is translated visually through the simplest of elements, as smoke and water interplay to enhance the track's seductive beats under flame-orange light.

Julia Holter – "Horns Surrounding Me"

The mesmerising Julia Holter draws us into an epic, noir-tinged nightmare for “Horns Surrounding Me”, a standout from this year's Loud City Song. The track's rich, brass-led sonicscape transfixes you even more deeply when paired with the drama of this series of artfully-framed scenes by Montreal director Angus Borsos (Doldrums, Sean Nicholas Savage). Read Holter's interview with Dazed from this summer here.

We Are Shining – "Wheel"

The London production duo’s debut track resounds with their pan-global influences, all brought to life via hundreds of kaleidoscopic gifs created from found footage. The story of a man being affronted with the modern tribalism of fashion and music is portrayed cleverly in this animation from Mill+ director Carl Addy.