Top ten feels of the month

A Mariah sample from Burial, an 18+ jam and Brooklyn newcomers Wet are making our skin tingle

JMSN – “The One”

Smooth R&B artist JMSN (pronounced as Jameson), deserves a sensi award. His music is the sound of your feelings – the sound that makes your heart cry. Whether it’s the ethereal production, Christian’s spine-chilling falsetto, the mysterious girl on the phone yearning for love, or the combination of them all, “The One” is the perfect R&B song that we’ve been waiting for since summer went away.

DJ Milktray – “A Lil Bit”

UK grime producer DJ Milktray works with a familiar track here – 50 Cent's “Just a Lil Bit” – which he slows, and adds his own touches to the original production's addictive ring, while still giving snippets of 50’s macho growl.

18+ – "CROW" (Feat. C Powers)

As the sound of a repetitive crow follows a low electronic beat, this new song from LA duo 18+ sounds as if The xx got ready for Halloween by playing hide and seek in a forest and humming the “pretend you’re happy” hook.

Jim-E Stack – “Is It Me”

Brooklyn has been fortunate in seeing New Orleans producer Jim-E Stack play all over recently, but it’s been a while since the world has heard any new material. Fresh off his Soundcloud, “Is It Me” starts off with a questioning muzzle that quickly builds into confident beats. It seesms to take you on a whomping journey through time, with a sense of assurance and relief in the end.

Wet – “You’re The Best”

The first music video from CMJ 2013's most hyped band is “You’re The Best”. Brooklyn indie trio Wet keep us salivated with their melodic R&B and pop songs of heartbreak. Listen to the romantic, enchanting voices in “You’re the Best” and follow Kelly Zutrau through each glimpse of the video's dappled light.

Burial x Four Tet – “Unreleased”

During Four Tet’s eight-hour session earlier this month, he played an unreleased track with Burial including a sample of Mariah Carey. The only chorus of this track is from an especially sensitive single of Carey’s, “My All”. Feel the manipulated repetition of “then my heart just won’t let me be” as it glides on top of electronic garage shuffles.

Tink – “Reasons”

Throughout the entire Boss Up mixtape, Chicago rapper Tink keeps a very strong attitude until the slow jam “Reasons”. The emotional frustration is the most vulnerable where Tink asks “Why can’t he be faithful/ Why doesn’t he trust me/ Why can’t I believe you when you tell me you love me?” – the same questions we’ve all asked ourselves in every relationship.

D.D Dumbo – “Tropical Ocean”

Australia’s D.D Dumbo just put out “Tropical Ocean” on Blue Rider – the same independent label that’s released the early works of Kilo Kish and Jagwar Ma. D.D Dumbo stays on the indie rock side of things through his sporadic arrangement of the guitar and vocals. The beautifully organic outcome reminds you of how nature should sometimes be appreciated a little bit more.

Sweater Beats – "Do It For Me" (Feat. Erin Marshall)

Kastle's own label Symbols just blessed the world with That Feel on October 29. This EP comes from the Brooklyn producer Sweater Beats. As the opener to That Feel, "Do It For Me" rejuvenates all senses. From the first digital stroke to Marshall's passionate utterances, Sweater Beats makes for snuggest cuddle buddy this winter.

Princess Nokia – "Nokia" 

Released under the alterego Princess Nokia, Wavy Spice grew wings and changed into a fabulous butterfly. Wavy does a lot of experimenting here and takes us back to childhood memories of babysitting, Nokia ringtones and gameboys. Her voice twirls and plays with the hypnotic beat from OWWWLS – miss you 2003, miss you Jennifer Lopez.