Sasha Go Hard

Freestyling and baby pics in the first of a new video series on Chicago's female rappers

In the first of three video features on Chicago's female rappers, we meet tough-talking Sasha Go Hard, the 22-year-old Southside MC that featured in our May Issue feature on the city's Drill scene. In a year that's seen Chance the Rapper's breakout, and the continued rise of Chi-town homeboys Chief Keef and Vic Mensa, Sasha also shone – perhaps more quietly – with her recent Round 3 tape, which featured A-list collabs with Le1f, Diplo and Kreayshawn. Here she explains how the city's violence has always spurred her on: "You just can't go outside to the park and chill, there's too much going on, shootings and stuff, it's just motivated me to keep doing it so I could help my people out and show them things we never saw before."