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Pusha T

Ten things we learned from Pusha T's listening party

Getting loose off the goose with Kanye at Pusha T's album playback

So it turns out sneaking into a Pusha T album listening party hosted by Kanye West isn’t as hard as one might think. Just get there a little early, start talking to the security guard like you know exactly what’s up, meet the guy with the list before the line starts, get in line, have list guy remember you and walk right in. All it takes is a face of steel and an air of nonchalance to meet Kanye West and hear My Name is My Name, Pusha T’s loooong-awaited solo debut album. 

I milled about in a warehouse-like space filled with industry folk and cool street kids, until the music turned up and everyone surrounded Pusha as he rapped along to the whole album with Kanye dancing behind him. Here’s what I learned.

Your listening party doesn’t really matter unless Kanye shows up:

In fact, Fat Trel also had a listening party in NYC the same night, but there was a shooting inside the venue before he could even come out. The universe is automatically against you even if you try to compete. 

The album is a Pusha classic and people are going to love it:

There are songs with Rick Ross and Kanye, The-Dream, Kendrick Lamar and even Chris Brown. The wait for this album was worth it. 

Vodka, Red Bull and cranberry or Hennessy and ginger ale are Pusha T’s drinks of choice:

Or at least were the two featured cocktails. Seriously, Pusha?

Older white ladies who probably lunch are curious about Kanye West showing up places too:

As the crowd started milling about outside the venue, about six ladies on their way to dine next door started asking about the party. The security, surprised by their interest, didn’t quite know how to respond. If they just said the music will be too loud and there’s no seating these ladies might’ve left quicker. 


Kanye rants are the best.

Pusha T can be eerily similar to Crazy Eyes from Orange is the New Black when he raps:

The resemblance is uncanny.

Four album covers is not enough!

We had previously seen two, but there were two more at the event. Are we supposed to buy four copies of the CD? Will all four come with the digital version? 

Lizards are in:

That’s the cover everyone gathered around when the music started, so that’s the one I’m going to buy.

Pusha T knows high fashion:

The cocktail waitresses were wearing loose-fitting onesie-type body suits that made them look like giant marshmellows/ the Michelin Man. Since the listening took place during Fashion Week, I’m going to go ahead and say this is high fashion. Cozy is in.  

One last thing:

Kanye will stop and hug you and take a picture with you even if he doesn’t know you and you snuck into his event and you are secretly press.