Exclusive: Outfit's House on Fire

Web 1.0 meets psych-pop in the new video "House on Fire" from Liverpool's quintet Outfit

While living in a huge shared house, five piece psych-pop band Outfit started putting together the preliminary pieces for their synth-tinged, indie melancholy sound. For new video “House on Fire”, a collaboration with Vancouver-based artist Sara Ludy, the residence heads into a decidedly haunted dimension as their spectral high-hitting keys and echoey vocals soundtrack a quixotic 2D landscape. We're not sure if we could live in their abode with its block colours and moving textured squares somewhere between a virtual tour of Dali’s house and a Windows 98 screensaver – but we'll take an infinite pan across eerie bulbous shapes if it sounds this funky.

Outfit's debut album Performance is out now on Double Denim. They headline Electrowerkz in London on Spetember 12. Tickets go on sale Friday the 19th July at 9am.