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The Agony and the Ecstasy: Annie, Born Gold and Clare Maguire

Track of the Week: Annie – “Invisible”

The finest moment of her Richard X-produced A&R EP, the industrial pop of “Invisible” sounds like the Bergen-born, Berlin-based singer has taken to the passages of Berghain in her moment of heartache to shake it out. Capturing the spaced-out atonality of Glass Candy’s “Redheads Feel No Pain” and the jubillance of Sophie’s “Bipp”, it feels like Annie’s freshest material for years, as her vocal coos are balanced with a pitched-down verse to channel the boo-hoos of her departing lover. And as if that wasn’t enough, it’s coming out on a lovely picture disc! 

Video of the Week: Born Gold – “Hunger”

The new video nasty from Born Gold sees the electropop Canadian flit through scenes from an art gallery to a funeral, sprinking the glitter of this insanely catchy single like an electropop Pied Piper. At one point his pregnant girlfriend slits open her belly to spread what turns to to be strawberry jam on a Ritz cracker. Gotcha! Expect more larks in the run-up to his new album I Am An Exit, released through Art Control/Hovercraft/Chill Mega Chill Records on October 8.

Mix of the Week: 

Gobby – “Live At Le Baron” 

UNO NYC-affiliated artist Gobby [] slides through samples in this super-fun new mix performed live at Le Baron NYC. It’s perhaps the most outwardly light-hearted work we’ve heard from him as it takes in spacey disco, hip hop and exotic pop.

Visionist – “Snakes”

London producer Visionist’s current track takes grime for a wide-orbited carousel, with its shotgun-cocks for the beat and dankly shimmering flourishes. It brings to mind the exploratory sonics of Fatima Al Qadiri, the NYC-based artist who happens to also feature on Visionist’s forthcoming EP I’m Fine, released September 3 on Lit City Trax.

Comeback of the Week: Clare Maguire – “Paper Thin”

London singer Clare Maguire reinvents herself as a downcast R&B maven this week with  “Paper Thin”, an ominous track with a textural, James Blake-ish slow-build beat. We featured her in Dazed in 2010 on the back of her alt-pop debut single “Ain’t Nobody” – but “Paper Thin” sees her enter a more interesting, squiffier phase with its odd harmonies and deft, lingering vocal. It’s good to have her back.

Twerk of the Week: OLD YOUNG – “FUBU & Versace”

The new video from LA artist OLD YOUNG renders a James-Franco-in-Spring-Breakers lookalike and sassy Lil’ Kim-esque honey in SIMS CGI for a neon-hued ode to, well, FUBU and Versace. It’s put out by our friends at Freak City – LA’s greatest store – and the setting for Blood Orange’s “I’m Sorry We Lied”