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Celebrate Domino Records' 20th bday

A killer mix of classic cuts from the beloved UK label's back catalogue

At this point it’s hard to isolate constant forces of good in the music industry. Due to advancements in technology, financial support and advertising, acts and even entire genres that show tremendous potential can be superceded in a matter of months by something a bit shinier – and by shinier, I mean shit. But if Hollywood blockbusters have taught us anything, it’s that there must always be a few glowing beacons of hope. Cue Domino Recording Company, founded by Laurence Bell and Jacqui Rice and 1993.

"Started back in ’93: From a South London bedroom the Domino Recording Co. opened for business with a phone, a fax and whole lotta love. Whitney Houston’s ‘I Will Always Love You’ was top of the charts, but it was Sebadoh’s ‘Soul and Fire’ that melted our heart. Twenty years in and Domino is still ruled by its heart and all the artists featured on this compilation have kept it sweet, kept it beating, kept us believing. It is them we toast on our very special big birthday." - Jacqui Rice

Now in its 20th year, Domino has endeavoured to promote music based on quality and originality alone, supporting risky acts like The Fall and Pavement and enduring thanks to both its impeccable ear and sheer chutzpah. With current signees including How To Dress Well and Julia Holter, their figurehead label and growing number of imprints are looking forward to the next two decades with a broadened horizon, and to coincide with our week-long celebration of 1993, they made us a mix of some of their favourite releases.