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Top ten net musicians

Unzip a figurative gig of our fave web-centric producers hacking the future sounds of today

For our #HackYourFuture week on Dazed, we enlisted San Francisco's forefront experimental electronic producer and music academic, Holly Herndon, to guest edit our Music Takeover Day. To kick things off, we've picked out a dinner party guide to some of the biggest and best net musicians in no particular order making autotune-heavy, future-thinking screwed-up waves:


A digital dreamteam made up of Brooklyn's ADR (one half of Gatekeeper), Maxwell Velocity, Tabor Robak, and Ryder Ripps, etc - HDBoyz are the ultimate boyband for 2013(/11). From performing their perfectly synchronized dance moves at MoMA PS1, to getting -page 'spreads' on DIS Magazine, the fivesome with dreamboat haircuts and netted tank tops are obviously unstoppable with lyrics to cry for: 'Check the attachment it's super big / We're talking megabytes. Girl, it's a gig.' Not to be confused with the rappers of the same name.


Says it all in the name. Having once been pretty aptly described as a 'culture troll', LILINTERNET never fails to amuse, enthuse and confuse with his ALL CAPS Twitter account. Here's an ambient mixtape baed entirely around DMX prayer samples he did for Dazed back when:


Pinning down this Dallas producer/DJ (/graphic artist/label co-boss's) 'sound' is an arduous and regrettable task. His tumultous blends of blaring Baile funk, hi-speed Latin edits, soca rhythms (see 'Playa' below) to chopped up hip hop via 'Karate' makes for an unforgettable if slightly nausea-enducing ride.


Also known as two Norwegian boys with unfortunate access to Dance eJay. Nightcore is only one identified group of what must be dozens if not hundreds of hellbent child bedroom producers with free DAWs and OTT iPhone apps. Can you imagine anything more horrifying than Katy Perry at 130bpm? (That's the best one in this mixtape we posted up recently.) Well, enjoy.


2013 has seen the arrival of several 'Techs' up in here. Our faves include south London's Goth Tech whose heart-wrenching debut video we ran in an Agony & Ecstasy.

Whilst the ever-excellent PrizTatsMGMT's Yen Tech over in Chicago brings a pentatonic flava with his Revengeance mix dropping yesterday which features his collaborative track with aforementioned ADR (as premiered on DIS).


I once joked that this would be my alternate DJ name for when I ran a night called Rapidshare. Goddamn someone got there first. DJ Mediafire aka Sterling Crispin's futuristic sonic stockpile flows between epic synth layers of astronomical proportions to darker manipulations of pop vocals and spoken word samples.

7. AIDS-3D

The Berlin-based American duo aka Daniel Keller and Nik Kosmas with the arguably hilarious/really not hilarious moniker, are musicians-cum-artists who for Art Basel Miami Beach, their presentation involves a Royal Pheasant hammock made by traditional South American craftsmen filled with a batch of bamboo charcoal, which serves green air freshener. Have a listen to their epically named and equally epic sounding musical adventures such as Mad Money Dirge (Eurozone Crisis August 2011) below:

8. E+E

Los Angeles' Elijah Crampton is a boy wonder making eclectic electronic sounds brimming with energetic pop and lairy glitch. With an ear for unanbashed melodies, melancholic r'n'b vocals, ambient dream synths and a good panpipe. Listen to his glorious Bieber-edit of 'As Long As You Love Me' below:


Denver's electronic pop duo self-describe their pumping melody-led jams as 'Atlantean techno' such as with the lkes of their Dutch synth-ridden concoction Sex Potion and their latest jam Corundum below:


And finally on a slightly pre-internet tip - forward-thinking electronic musicians/sound artists Carsten Nicolai (Alva Noto) and Olaf Bender (Byetone) of Raster-Noton's venture as Diamond Version presents a visceral and haunting future. Their tracks are released as hyperreal videos with cold, inhuman sounding 'mission statements', playing out a repetitive digital message over a backdrop of dark, synthetic tones.

The videos display repetitive corporate slogans removed from their original context to create a sinister dis/utopia. Conceptually using the phrase 'Daily Short Message Information Culture (DSMC)', the duo have aimed to explore their relentless slogans with their tracks: Science For A Better Life, Shift The Future and Forever New Frontiers.