Watch: Exclusive Zomby album minimix

Music's ultimate Anon presents a suite of songs from his hugely anticipated double album

On Zomby's (astounding) new album, four of the songs are named after ancient religious deities that you would die if you saw, while three reference Catholic rebirth rites

One of these, Ascension, is debuting above, presented with three others, in a suite of four tracks taken from With Love. They are playing with a video directed by Ollie Evans, which depicts the modern rituals of a dance, a fight and a marriage, culminating in the presentation of the divine infant, all dressed in vintage Stone Island. 

The combination of British street life and style with the violent and transcendental, rendered in stark tones, will be familiar to fans of Zomby. The British-born, New York dwelling producer / composer began creating his beat-based tapestries in second half of the last decade with a number of terrific records, most notably Where Were You In 92, Nothing and Dedication. His new release, the double album With Love, is his most epic and complete statement yet, and sees release in June on 4AD. 

Read a full feature on Zomby in the latest issue of Dazed & Confused and watch the video above.