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The Dazed foreplaylist

Ridin' dirty with 30-odd panty-dropping slow jams to set the scene for Sex Week

Apparently it's 'Sex Week' which means an onslaught of explicit content from 'How You Lost Your Virginity' blogs to shooting a collective of Webcam Boys on Dazed. Obvs it wouldn't be much of a takeover if we didn't have at least 30ish tracks of the filthiest filth: Cue a whole a lot of Jeremih, Usher, The Weeknd and Ciara, to dirty ass ghetto house from DJ Assault and DJ Funk, plus Lil Louis' notoriously orgasmic track. For a taster of what to expect, some of our favourite lyrics go from the more 'poetic' e.g this Lil Wayne line: "Girl I turn that thing into a rainforest/Rain on my head, call that brainstormin'" to the simply outright lols: "Baby girl won't you suck me/I want to cum in your mouth." (don't say Victor Parris Mitchell isn't romantic).

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