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Fashion Lady Cover

Gobby - Fashion Lady

Stream New Weird New Yorker Gobby's sleazy “Techno Ass Album” exclusively on Dazed now

When you put UNO NYC techno hero Gobby’s debut LP Fashion Lady into iTunes, it comes up with an addendum: “Techno Ass Album.” Which is just about the measure of the first full-length release from the Brooklyn resident, after 2012’s New Hat EP.

With its jerky strut, Fashion Lady is giving a wink that strays just a lil' too close to pervy. New tracks like ‘Lect Horn’ and ‘Krylon Surf Magix’ are titled in code (corporate slogan via darkroom) and veer from zippy BPMs to sleazy low-register noise, while ‘Rashe’ mixes an automated voicemail message (“goodbye!”) with a techno pulse.

When asked for explanation, Gobby sent over the images above: a line-drawing of a Gollum-ish succubus, a tentacle-like fern, and a dude in a gimp mask and shades.

Fashion Lady will be released worldwide on April 23. Stream it for a week in the player above.