The World of Cocorama

The first episode in a series of films taking us to the Parisian Cocovan's fantasy world

Devised as a glimpse into the alluring Parisian musician, Cocovan's universe of fantasy and magic, the new short film series Cocorama follows the 24-year-old artist, singer and songwriter's philosophical musings and personal moments. An expression of her vision throughout, the films are narrated by her journey across seven episodes, travelling between Paris, Los Angeles and New York. As the first part to the film series, the Dazed exclusive premiere of this episode arrives as a collaboration with director Margot Malingue, video maker & set designer Romain Yurkievich, and Parisian stylist Melissandre Hammerer who envelop us in the pop-electronica artist's fantasy world. Inspired by the 80s, electro clash, 90s' pop.