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L.I.E.S' Ron Morelli's Top Ten Things

The Long Island Electrical Systems boss gives us a lols list of well, 'things that exist'

So of course when we ask the head honcho of New York-based record label L.I.E.S., Ron Morelli, with the vaguest brief to indulge us with a top ten of Long Island-related goodness, he comes back with a list including a Notorious B.I.G. (spelled wrong) cover, links to a little-known place called Berlin and Jose Canseco's Twitter account. Nothing surprising given their eccentric catalogue of producers teetering on the brinks of house, techno and experimental including Svengalisghost, Terreke, Jahiliyya Fields, Steve Moore, and Delroy Edwards, propelling them to be the label on everyone's lips last year. No stranger to multi-tasking, when Ron's not deftly running tings, he's producing with Jason Letkiewicz as Two Dogs In A House and under the Deli Twins moniker with Future Times' Max D. Catch him playing Bloc this Easter weekend, joining their line-up of underground heavyweights like Egyptian Lover, Cosmin TRG, A Made Up Sound et al across this spring and summer.

"Here are 10 things that exist":


What you know about HelenRuth31? I wish more artists had as much passion and commitment as this man. He's got over 500 videos uploaded. That is a tremendous amount of work. Give respect to where it is due.


Yo yo! My boys from the Funkysouls upload site got together to snort controlled substances and throw a rave in the woods of Siberia. Here is some of the footage from the party. Things get dark when that dude takes a picture of the guy filming.


Speaking of my homeboys down at Funkysouls and their amazing woods raves. I gotta shout these people out. They have a true burning desire inside them and one has to tip their hat to them that they actually waste their time uploading music that fall the wayside within 5 months time. It would naive to think that in this day and age one could run a label and not have their entire catalog uploaded to a Russian Torrent especially when your label puts out "hip exclusive ltd edition vinyl only mysterious underground anonymous lo-fi noise house records." You can DL the entire L.I.E.S. catalog at the above link. Merry Christmas.


Jose Canseco on Twitter, homeboy does paintings of Donald Trump these days.


Jamal Moss. Basically he is one of the only people in the world of "dance music" worth listening to.
It's good that the public is starting to open their eyes to him. A true warrior.


Berlin. I have to hear about another jerkoff "moving to Berlin" to work on music i'm gonna just snap.
Man, if you want cheap rent move to Romania or Iowa or some shit.


A lot of you folks out there are finding out about this just now. When I was coming up the people around me who liked techno had platform shoes, JNCO jeans, orange hair and went to raves at Burger Kings or even worse places, like Philly or this shitty place Caffine in Long Island. It was pretty not cool and for outcasts and people who didn't get along with their step-fathers. Now all these fools are trying to tell me about Hans Linger and his 15hour techno set and how academic it was as they ash their cigarette on their 1500 cloak. Fuck outta here with that noise, please.


Plastic Sleeves, this is what the fuck is up. Some fools from Texas who probably have day jobs that they hate and as soon as they get off... BOOM, right to the studio. Too bad haven't heard anything from these dudes in awhile.


Speaking about Plastic Sleeves, how about Stinkworx? Dude has been at it forever, consistently killing it. Always excited to hear a Stinkworx cut.


Electro. Yo! I heard electro is back man. Break out your speak 'n' spells and shit."