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Cosmin TRG

The world's most eclectic electronic producer releasing on Hessle Audio, Hotflush, Tempa, BPitch, and Rush Hour steps up at the Red Bull Music Academy stage at Sonar

Last week we met up with the delightful Cosmin TRG (formerly TRG) in a dodgy bathrobe by the pool surrounded by 50 or so hand models. As an alumni of the well-respected Red Bull Music Academy, he was about to storm the stage at 2011's Sonar Festival in Barcelona where his eclectic tastes in refined electronic music were evident in his mind-blowing set. Having released his 12” on Hessle Audio whilst gracing the likes of Rush Hour, to Berlin's Bpitch Control, Tempa, and Scuba's Hotflush, the Romanian-born producer's sound has constantly evolved to shape his interests, abiding to no laws of genres. Expect big things from his debut album, 'Simulat', out this August on 50 WEAPONS.

…your secret talent?

Um, I can race a bike.

Race a bike? Like a motorbike?

No… a normal bike…

So, you can ride a bike?

Maybe... no - yeah that's pretty lame.

…your favourite sound?
An echo. A grand piano?

your worst vice?


…the best thing about where you're from?

The humour.

…top of your shit list?


…wish list?

A swimming pool.

…dream collaborator?

Falko - you know the Austrian dude? "Amadeus, Amadeus!"?

…drink of choice?

Dark rum

…is good for breakfast?

The minimal French breakfast, or what in Berlin we refer to as the student breakfast of a cigarette and coffee

…worst fashion secret?
I reckon my sartorial game is pretty good so I don't have one - I have no shame.

…something to do on a day off.

Reading by the swimming pool, in a posh bathrobe, with 50 or so models, pipe?

…something on Youtube?
The Modeselektor guys just showed me a video of some Russian guys jumping off a tall building off a makeshift bungee, funny is that one of the girls jumping does a really high pitched scream that has to be sampled.

…One summer track, old or new?

A Space Dimension Controller track - Transatlantic Landing Bay

Did you see him play at RBMA BBQ? When he dropped Midas Touch?

YES, that's the one I was trying to remember - Midas Touch.

.…working on now?
Just finished my album.

…most excited about next?

Finishing another album

…This your first Sonar? Best experience?

Three years ago, 2008 - seeing X-101 or something like that to 20,000 in a warehouse.

Photo by Ragnar Schmuck