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Shot on set: Eaux's new video

Water band! The Hackney electronic vox band's exclusive new video is an intersteller lillo float – and here are the behind the scenes shots to prove it

On of the best bands in London is the Hackney-based three piece Eaux, because they play totally amazing live electronic music that sounds natural, clever, beautiful and fun. They played their first gig about a year ago, supporting similar smarty pants arty house band Blondes, and it was one of the most simultaneously wild and graceful frst gigs Dalston has ever seen. Since then they've put out two EPs through the excellent Morning Ritual Records, made music in studios haunted by Genesis P Orridge and sharpened their sound to new strengths. Their lastest Snow shows colder colours, and its video, premiering below is a "budget sci-fi" trip to innerspace, shot on a floor in Peckham. Take a look at the images from the shoot above, play the video below and read a short interview with guitarist Ben Crook underneath that.

How's it going?

It's going great thanks Charlie. We're having a blast in our studio, writing and recording new songs. 

I really like the new song. How was it recorded? 

It was recorded down the road in Tin Room studio by Shuta Shinoda. It's pretty much all played live, with a few tweaks here and there. Very quick process, trying to keep it sounding as live as possible.

What's happening in the video?

Our friend Hans Lo (who made the No More Power video and has made our live video projections) is a bit of a computer whizz kid and wanted to make a budget sci fi - he's got a massive imagination and we have no money! We ASked him to make whatever he wanted; he pitched "you know when you're cryogenically frozen, drifting through space...". And we were, of course, sold.

Hans: It's loose story about a cyborg, greaser mechanic and librarian, cryogenically frozen in a space ship drifting in the outer universe. In reality, it's the 3 of them lying on a lilo on top of a green screen. 

How was it recorded?

On the floor, on an old HDV video camera with a decent lens. This was treated and combined with the graphics. 

Where you bummed not to be on a real swimming pool lillo? 

Always. Sadly this band is more likely found on a lilo in a cold studio in deepest Peckham. But that's fine. 

Can you sum up Eaux's visual aesthetic in five words? 

All. Over. The. Fucking. Shop.

What's next for Eaux? 

We're spending loads of time in our studio and have a couple of shows coming up - and a few festival things in the pipeline. We hope to play around the UK a bit in the near future.

You said in your last interview that your connection to Eaux is its sound alone. What is your favourite watery noise and how would you spell it? 

Fart in a bath, spelt 'Edward Woodward'. Lolz.