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Vinyl Williams 2013 _ Teal Temple

Vinyl Williams's Stellarscope A/V experience

Play the immersive A/V treat created by the producer himself for his otherworldly new track

For his new record 'Stellarscope', the innovative producer/visual artist Vinyl Williams known for his heady, ethereal visuals has created an interactive music video with his bandmate Nikita for a stunning A/V project premiered here on Dazed Digital. Soundtracked by his texturally rich, dream-like single, his new video is downloadable and playable (similar to the format of Gatekeeper's EXO album), allowing the visitor to explore the digital surroundings as they travel through it, reacting with the objects to discover new sounds.

"'Stellarscope' is an interactive environment. It's meant to be explored as a generative process - in other words you create the visuals by wandering throughout. Certain objects have sounds that emanate out of them (rainforest sounds in the jungle, ambient drones out of celestial tree disks, low drones out of the ending chalice) which are in congruency with the actual song. If you can make into a close proximity to those objects during the duration of the song, in a sense you can jam with it. It's supposed to allow navigation into a visual and sonic improvisational world. There is no interface or goal, it's really about exploring, and ultimately a test of digital dexterity. It appears to be a little difficult to navigate through a space jungle kingdom built on seamless stream-of-consciousness." - Vinyl Williams

Enter the video HERE or check out the walkthrough video below: