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The Agony & The Ecstasy

This week's best new videos, MikeQ remixes, Beyonce tributes and Eurovision entries

VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Physical Therapy - 'Do It Alone'

Every video from NY-based producer Physical Therapy is important. Last year, his visual for 'Drone On' (feat. Jamie Krasner) formed the dirt-drenched pinnacle of the Urban Cowboy micro-trend, which goes intergalactic in the sci-fi anime of 'Do It Alone'. Directed by Jude MC, who's also created innovative visuals for Gatekeeper and Fatima Al Qadiri, the video shows an animated version of Daniel Fisher (aka Physical Therapy) on an spacey horseback mission to rescue his tribal-patterned charge from a villain who's a hybrid between V of V For Vendetta and Thor. There's an creepy twist at the end too in this tale of lust, betrayal and rainbow-hued lassos.

REMIX OF THE WEEK: Rihanna - 'Fresh Off The Runway' (MikeQ x Divoli S'vere QB Remix)

My jaw's still on the floor after NY DJ/producer MikeQ's set at Dazed's House Ball last week, but he just premiered this ballroom take on Rihanna's 'Fresh Off The Runway' to soundtrack my dips and clicks in the privacy of my own bedroom. The collaboration between MikeQ and Divoli S'vere is pegged as a Qween Beat production (Mike's crew), and loops Rih Rih's vocal over vogue-ready house stutters, taking the place of the original's synth ramps.

OLD SONG OF THE WEEK: Rufige Kru - 'Beachdrifta'

This one's nicked from Robin of Tri Angle Records, who tweeted a link to this brilliant orchestral, DnB track at some point between Saturday night and Sunday morning. The work of Goldie under his Rufige Kru alias, the 2001 cut fluidly fuses lurking bass, a frenetic jungle rhythm and strings so elegantly - it's one for the USB stick on our next interplanetary probe.

REVAMP OF THE WEEK: Laura Mvula - 'Green Garden' (S O H N Remix)

I kind of love Laura Mvula's imagistic take on pop-soul, with her unusual metaphors and powerful vocals that keep her on the right side of Sandé. I love her even more through the hazy lens of S O H N, the post-dub futurist who gave a generous take on her current single this week. Gentle yet with subtle skitterish twists, S O H N's tectonic fuzz gradually washes over Mvula's ad libs like waves lapping at a shore.


When I first clicked on this I was expecting some kind of defamatory Beyoncé tribute video, but it was far better than I ever imagined. Queen Bee Ho performs at the annual trans pageant Miss Continental 2012 in clown makeup. She changes outfits mid-flip from a trouser suit to a Mugler-esque corset while voguing hard to a mix from Philly DJ Kevin Jz Prodigy, and interpolates Nicki Minaj's 'Roman Holiday', Madonna's 'Vogue', and ballroom tracks that I'd love to know the provenance of. (via @saharailyas)

TV LICENSING OF THE WEEK: MSMR - 'Bones' in the Game of Thrones: Season 3 Trailer

Hats off to the producers of HBO's epic fantasy series Game of Thrones, whose choice of MS MR's track 'Bones' sets a perfectly brooding tone in the new season's trailer, as a burning boat drifts, a dragon swoops and Daenerys Targaryen generally looks pleased with herself. I'm looking forward to see what indie-world tie-ins might be in store for the show this season - last time it was on our screens, The National covered the in-story song 'The Rains of Castamere' for use over the closing credits.

EUROVISION ENTRY OF THE WEEK: Haya Samir - 'Happy And Sad'

My buddy John Lucas happily provided this link to what he describes as "a thought-provoking existential dirge from Israel." It's incredibly addictive, and with a few tweaks it could be one of those soul-shattering neofolk productions. Samir grandiosely ponders whether she is happy or sad, before concluding that, in fact, it's a bit of both. Real talk.