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Shot on set: HAIM

Bows and breakdowns behind the scenes of LA's finest folk-R&B sisters' new video

HAIM hit the high-life on their latest video. The three LA sisters play a really fun combination of folk and R&B made for slightly stoned holiday snogs and the toppermost of the poppermost. Oh, and if you're wondering pronunciation, HAIM rhymes with "time" not "rhyme". The vowel is short. Their careers won't be. 

Their new short was shot in the jungles and mountains that surround the City of Angels. 'Falling' debuted this morning, and we're thrilled to share a roll of film shot on set by Laura Coulson. Click through to the gallery, captioned by Este Haim above, and read our chat with the eldest sister of mirth-y below. 

Hey! How's it going?

I'm great! Just got home from tour and it feels good to be back in LA

Where are you? 

At home in the San Fernando Valley

What happens in the video?

We have an adventure in the jungles of Los Angeles 

Do you go into the mountains much? 

Not as much as we would like. We try to go hiking as much as we can though

Alana is holding a bow. How good a shot is she? 

Alana is a great shot

All families have a member who moans during walks in the countryside. Who moans the most in yours? 

Definitely Este. Hiking is not her forte

You've been given a bazillion dollars to shoot a video. How do you spend it?

has anyone ever shot a music video on Mars? thats what we would do. Either Mars or Jupiter

Who directed the video? How did you choose her? Did she do a good job? What's the story behind her hat?

Tabitha Denholm shot the video. She's insanely talented and has the best eye and the best ideas.We trust her completely and it was good fun collaborating with her and bouncing ideas off her. we really became like sisters after the experience. The hat is her lucky hat!