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Lapalux - Swallowing Smoke (Alternate Version)

Hear a dreamy new track from the ethereal electronic producer and 'Uni of Yorke student' exclusively here

As part of our week-long series rolling out a collection of Q&As from 14 of our favourite electronic producers posed to our February issue coverstar, Thom Yorke, we had the likes of Actress, Flying Lotus, and today's Lapalux taking part. Having stunned us with his lushly layered and complex electronica bringing together (dare we say it) R'n'B(-ish) vocals plus soft, delirious beats, he's since made an album set for release on LA's illustrious Brainfeeder this spring. Excitement. Here we premiere an alternate version of his track 'Swallowing Smoke' named after his mate smoking a bong.

Dazed Digital: What have been the weirdest, unexpected or subconscious influences that have affected your work?
Lapalux: Well, I'd say when I was younger I experienced weird out of body experiences, like depersonalisation... That's always been an inspiration as it's very freeing, allowing me to step out side of my self but also very isolating. I found it hard to explain those experiences with words to anyone so I try to communicate those emotions and my feelings through music...

DD: What was 'Swallowing Smoke' about If it was about anything?
Lapalux: The title of the track actually comes from a thing my mate does when he's smoking a bong. He gets too high and ends up swallowing smoke, then burping it up, it's jokes. The track itself, though, is actually quite unique 'cause it's got 60 odd tracks buried in there... it's all about maximalism.

DD: What are you currently most obsessed with?
Lapalux: This week I am mostly into slicing up photos and making collages

Check out his contribution to The University of Yorke HERE