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High Rankin Exclusive Mix

Avoiding the Void since 1984 presents its pre Christmas treat with High Rankin mixing his tracks for Dazed Digital.

Dazed favourite Avoiding the Void comes back with a December instalment of this monthly, electro/dubstep/drum & bass mash-up all brought together at the art gallery come warehouse The Others in Stoke Newington. This Saturday, DJ Kiersty hosts a Love Love Records Birthday party, after last month’s lively performance from Hrdvsion and Hopen’s creation Starting Teeth.

After being launched 2 years ago Love Love Records have now launched their new website as a free download net label  and the long-awaited Love Core compilation. The Fez, Emo Hunter, Ben Phaze and Shit Hot Llamas will all be at Avoiding the Void this Saturday.

Headlining is Brighton based High Rankin whose range of drum & bass, dubstep and generally bass-heavy party sounds have caught the attention of Ninja Tune. He also has his own label Suicide Dub Recordings releasing acts from as far afield as South America.

Dazed Digital has a very special exclusive mix of High Rankin’s Tracks, which you can stream below and a very special exclusive chat with him to prepare for the void avoiding Saturday night ahead of you…

Dazed Digital: What's your favourite moment of 2008 and what do you have in store for 2009?
High Rankin: I have finally achieved my dream of owning a moustache. Next year I hope to achieve my dream of riding a dog.

DD: How do you like to celebrate Christmas?
HR: I usually go and visit some of the old people in my local village of Henfield. We sit around and discuss how we feel the transgression from the tech-step of the late nineties to modern day neurofunk has been influenced by the application of new technology and abstract production techniques. Dorris Miggins, 92, maintains the view that with the increase of fm and subtractive synthesis, modern Reece basses are over all less edgy than they used to be. I can't help agreeing.

DD: How would you define your sound?
HR: I have always tried to sonically replicate the feeling of getting into a really hot bath just that little bit too quick. I don't feel I have yet but in a recent track of mine 'No Money For Guns' I reckon I have pretty much nailed a musical interpretation of the twinkle in a new born baby’s eye.

DD: What do you love love the most about Love Love Records?
HR: The price.

DD: What's your dubstep tip for the New Year?
HR: Well, there has been a lot of bad noise about the dubstep in the House of Commons recently. That combined with our roller-coaster ride into a recession is going to lead to an increase in slightly 2-step drum patterns but a further reduction in the wobble. It's unlikely we will see any movement in the amount of ragga vocals in use but experts still maintain strong views about an increase in animals noise made at raves.
The words 'Blap', 'Brap' and 'Bree' will be replaced by 'AK AK AK' and 'REEEEEEEEEEEEBAAAAAH'.

DD: How do you like to avoid the void?
HR: I wear the correct footwear for a start. You can't take this sort of thing too seriously. It's also worth looking into goggles and a strong cod- piece. A lot of people don't understand the dangers of the void and to them I say simply take look at Winehouse. She's a lady that has been on a 2 week caravan holiday to the void. She's made love in the pub car park of the void. She has taken the void out for a cheap dinner and then had a bloody good route about in the void’s trousers on the night bus home.  

Avoiding The Void Since 1984; Saturday 13th December at The Others 6 and 8 Manor Road N16
£3 Nus/Before 11pm or £5