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Exclusive shots of the 2012 indie-pop band who piece (geddit) together 60s pop harmonies and catchy guitar riffs in their latest video

With their September-released 'Delicious' EP, Birmingham-based skewed indie band PEACE made one of 2012's finest guitar releases. With the rumbling Spaghetti Western vibes of 'Ocean's Eye', luminous guitar riffs on 'Bloodshake' and 60s pop harmonies in 'California Daze', the four-piece have positioned themselves alongside Splashh, Novella and Shinies as one of the UK's most exciting and versatile guitar outfits.

Dazed Digital caught up with vocalist Harrison to find out more about their modern take on indie-pop, and went along to their recent 'Bloodshake' video for some exclusive behind-the-scenes snaps.

Dazed Digital: Boring question to start - sorry - how did you guys meet and start playing together?
PEACE: It's okay bab. We kind of came in two halves. Sam and I are brothers so it's always been a 'thing' whereas Dom and Doug met in high school and were in a funk band together. In 2007, Dom and I met. He didn't like me because he thought I pushed a girl over but it turned out I didn't so we became pals over our fondness of Zeppelin and meditation.

DD: What names did you think of calling yourself before settling on PEACE?
PEACE: The first band name me and Dom ever came up with was BEAU. I even made a purple picture on Photoshop of some children dancing on a hillside and wrote BEAU over it.

DD: If you had to have a band motto/manifesto, what would it be?
PEACE: "Carpe Vitae" or "If you mean it, tweet it."

DD: I read that the Bloodshake video features "five of the forty-seven ideas you guys came up with at the pub."
I think the five were: Fish, Sword, Spector, Banana & Fags. I'm sure there was supposed to be a shot of me climbing a really high mountain but it never happened. Oh and John Cusack couldn't make it. Bummer.

DD: Why is there a watermelon on your EP cover?

PEACE: There's two sides to this story. My side is that we were on our way to a party at Tobi O'Kandi's house [of O. Children] and I bought a watermelon to drink vodka from. After we'd done that I told a girl I wanted to put it on the record cover. But since then the girl told me it was her idea. I'm not really sure. I basically said this to [sleeve designer] Sam Coldy and he got to work on it.

DD: What's your song 'California Daze' about?
I can't remember writing it really. To experience a California daze I think you need to be kinda bored, lacking a little bit in purpose, slightly heartbroken but weirdly really optimistic? Something like that.

DD: What's a night out like with PEACE?
PEACE: I think it's very good. I'm very selective when it comes to who I party with and the guys really make the grade. I've seen Doug do unspeakable things...

DD: What's your recommended hangover cure?
PEACE: Company. When we're in London we usually get up early as possible and make a big pan of Mojitos & listen to the Chili Peppers until it's time for round 2. It's important that you're with a group of pals who are down to clown.

DD: What's your favourite song to dance to?

PEACE: 'Thriller'. Doug's is 'Can't Stop' by the Chilis. We were in Cleethorpes the other day and it came on in O'Neills. Doug went bonko.

DD: What's a bloodshake then?

PEACE: It's the first song I really wrote. I wrote it when feeling kind of infinite with someone. It's a weird one to get into but I guess it's like a feeling you get all over. Like every tiny cell in your body is vibrating real hard and it's real good and it's just like whaaaaat?

D: Who would your dream jam session be with?

PEACE: I'm going to keep this realistic. I'd stay on guitar and do some backing Vox and I'd keep Dom on drums. Next I'd fly in Tom Beal from Splashh for bass. Then I'd get Blaine Harrison and William Rees from Mystery Jets on Piano, Guitar & Vocals. I guess we'd need something to keep it all together so I'd probably ask Fred Macpherson and Dev Hynes to produce the backing track. It's 2012 so I guess jamming needs a backing track?

DD: What's coming up for PEACE in 2013?

PEACE: I'm not sure. I haven't planned that far ahead. I just looked at my iCal and the latest entry is December 22nd 2012. I'm sure we're going to play some shows, have a lol or something. Whatever happens, I'm in.

Photos (1-17) by Sam Coldy

PEACE will be playing two shows at the Lexington today, 30th October at 4:30pm and one in the evening.