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Supreme Cuts Mix

The Chicago duo making dark hip hop and electronic beats make us an exclusive mix feat Jeremih and DJ Nate and tell us all about their undying love for Cher

Fresh from remixing Tri Angle's haunting Holy Other and New York posi-dance cowboy Physical Therapy, to working with rapper Haleek Maul on 'Chrome Lips', enigmatic Chicago duo Supreme Cuts skilfully weave dozy hip hop beats with darker electronic elements. Layering skipping, warped and chopped up vocals in their own productions, Mike Perry and Austin Keultjes have already established a uniquely personal and ethereal sound. Here the pair make us an exclusive mixtape featuring the likes of Jeremih, Young Thug and DJ Nate, alongside their Top Five Female Vocalists of all time including Cyndi and Cher...

Exclusive Supreme Cuts Mix by Dazed Digital on Mixcloud


This woman's voice and presence is so strong; but there is an edge to her voice; a raspiness that represents that realness and pain. When you really push your voice the way she does there is an honesty that is compelling exciting and beautiful. Sometimes I call her the female James Brown; mostly because of the crazy showmanship of her stage show, her legendary dance moves, fast legwork, backup dancers, and her ferocious wail when doing adlibs. My favourite Tina moments are the song "I Can't Stand the Rain", the stage show of her cover of Creedence Clearwater's 'Proud Mary' and her role in Mad Max 3: Thunderdome.

Cher's voice sounds like a extremely thin young lady doing an impression of Elvis. Her personality, attitude, and realness shine through in everything she does. She is a cool lady and I have mad respect for her. We are both Taurus's so maybe that is part of the reason that I have weirdly loved everything she had done since I was very young. My favourite Cher moments were her performance in 'Mask', old videos of her performing 'Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves', and her pioneering use of autotune on the song "Believe".


An odd choice but I must be honest, I have a Cyndi Lauper tattoo on my left chest. I got it as a bet, but it only turned into a bet because I wastedly said I was going to get it after so many drunken nights singing along to her tunes. My justification was that "If my soul could sing it would sound like Cyndi Lauper". It's true, there's a weirdness, but also a rawness, and hella playfulness to her voice that I feel like respresents my general attitude. A selfish reason to love a singer maybe; nonetheless I fucking love listening to her music at any time. My favorite Cyndi moments are her song "Witness", "All Through The Night" and "True Colors".

Goapele is a singer who is very popular in the Bay Area but for some reason isn't half as celebrated as she should be. Her songs mean so so much to me. Everything about her music radiates beauty and is inspiring to me; being a human being / being alive. Her voice has hints of Sade and Aaliyah and it is an overwhelming force. If I ever met Goapele I would have no choice but to hug her and thank her but I wouldn't want to weird her out because I sincerely hope to work with her one day soon. My favourite Goapele moments are "Closer" which is about aspirations and hopes, and "Play" which approaches sex in such a beautiful and poetic and clear way that few people other than Prince have been able to achieve.

Straight up I just fucking love Katy B's lyrics and I just think she is really cool. She's just being so real, not just throwing around a bunch of sexual innuendos to sell records. Just honesty set to catchy melody. And not like a snobby over-wordy confessional honesty... just like conversational lyrics that I love. Also so rare / refreshing to hear a musician singing about being a fan of music, which is also what I love! When I can listen to a song and identify with it to a point where I have a cheesy grin and am high-fiving the computer screen and talking to it being like 'you go girl'... well let's just say it doesn't happen very often. I can't wait to see her take more risks with her production choices; which I feel like is inevitable becuase the world always keeps turning etc...