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Photo by Sean Berrigan

Zodiac: Track Premiere

The Weeknd collaborator landing on Jacques Greene's Vase label presents his exclusive Arclight remix here

Toronto-based Jeremy Rose produced under the name Zodiac and is perhaps best known for his production work on The Weeknd’s massive 'House of Balloons' mixtape. After he released his recent debut EP on cult producer Jacques Greene's Vase imprint, he'll be relocating to London to work with super-producer Paul Epworth. Hear his stunning remix of Arclight's 'Vitamin D' exclusively here, and read an interview underneath.

Dazed Digital: When did you first realise you were onto something with your music?
Zodiac: Well, I am not a trained musician so it took me a long time to actually make something palatable. It must have been really annoying for people to have to listen to stuff I was working on before. It was always a hobby. I didn’t expect to do it as a job. At some point I figured out how to write chord progressions and then settled with a style that I was comfortable with. Then people started saying, ‘Hey, you can actually make some cool tunes. You should start doing that more seriously.’

DD: How long ago did your music become palatable?
Zodiac: I would say my music didn’t start becoming listenable until a couple years ago. I guess I came into my stride the past couple of years.

DD: So are you happy with your new album?
Zodiac: Yeah, I am. I was afraid people weren’t going to like it. Also, with anything I do, I never feel like it’s fully finished. There always seems like there’s more I can do with it. With this EP Jacques Greene decided it was good enough to be released. It’s probably good that I have people that don’t listen to me, because I sat on the music for like 5 months and kept thinking, what else can I do with this?