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Photo by Sarah P-Espenon

Crushed Beaks

Dirty deeds done dirt cheep, as the garage rock duo debut their shed-written new track and tell us about horror movies

Landing on promising new label ASL Records is Crushed Beaks. Their new single ‘Breakdown’, written in their shed, is a perfect example of their DIY sound. The south east London duo, Matthew Poile and Alex Morris's mutual love of the horror movies of Dario Argento has clearly influenced their intense lyricism, the ideal counterpart to their heady mix of garage rock and northern soul.



...the story behind your name?
Crushed Beaks are an essential ingredient in sacrificial blood magic rituals, which Alex and I regularly partake in.
...your worst vice?
Partaking in sacrificial blood magic rituals once a fortnight.

... your favourite sound?

Scott Walker's voice.

...your favourite website?

...your favourite label?

A lot of my favourite bands are on 4AD, but I tend to listen to whatever I like the sound of without paying too much attention to what label they're with. Tye Die Tapes are awesome though - they're based in Sheffield and put out tapes by all manner of rad bands, including Slowcoaches' 'We're So Heavy' EP.

...your worst fashion secret?

I own a black tie-dye effect glow-in-the-dark T-shirt depicting the angel of death perched atop a pile of skulls. It's pretty rad.

...are you listening to now?

'Wagonwheel Blues' by The War on Drugs. Also listening to a lot of Fleetwood Mac at the moment. Alex doesn't like Fleetwood Mac. He's probably listening to some speedcore or something.

What's next?

Our new 7" is out on 5th Nov on ASL which we're pretty excited about. To celebrate we are playing an in-store at Rough Trade East Nov the 2nd .. Also we're about to start working on an EP, which possibly will be recorded on a boat...

Breakdown will be out on digital and vinyl formats from November 5th