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Eddi Front

We speak to the Brooklyn singer about her speakasy-hopping and her love of outsider pop, from Nirvana to Toni Braxton

You can imagine popping into an East Village dive bar in the 30s and seeing Eddi Front in the corner, playing her lovelorn songs on a battered piano with a single-malt propped on the lid. On her seductive debut EP, released next month on Best Fit Recordings, the Brooklyn-based singer delivers immaculately-constructed chanteuserie with stories that suggest a lifetime of speakeasy-hopping, and piano hooks with the precision of a ballet dancer's pliés. But while the musicianship of songs like 'Gigantic' suggest an old soul, Eddi Front's atmospheric tales of Mexican love affairs, two-cent stripping and declarations like “while you’re fucking some dusty old chair, I’ll be eating bananas,” suggest a throughly-modern (if mildly disturbing) take on gramophone groove. We sent our quickfire questions over to Eddi Front to find out more, and today Dazed Digital premieres her beautifully aching cover of Nick Cave's secular hymn 'Into My Arms'.

…your favourite note on the piano?

E flat is very nice. I also enjoy the C.

…your musical history? Have you been in other bands?

I taught myself guitar when I was 15 with Nirvana/ Alice In Chains/ Radiohead tablature, and I learned to sing by listening to Mary J Blige and Toni Braxton songs in headphones. I would record myself singing along and then listen back to check if I stayed in tune.

…your thinking behind the line “While you’re fucking some dusty old chair, I’ll be eating bananas and riding a big black stallion” from 'Texas'?

Besides just being angry, I honestly don't know where it came from. That song was very train-of-thought, but the 'chair' and 'stallion' references are to do with cartoons where furniture comes to life. The chair is almost always a horse.

…your dream music video, given an unlimited budget?

I'd have 50 women dress in old wedding gowns and jump from a high window, one after another, onto a trampoline or a mattress of course. In slow motion. Afterwards, I'd feed them all caviar and award them with solid gold trophies that say "you did it."

…your worst vice?

Sleeping aids.

…at the top of your shitlist?

Waitress abusers of all kinds.

…your favourite thing to do online?

Watch Law and Order re-runs and old Olympic performances.

Why did you decide to cover 'Into My Arms'? Have you always been a Nick Cave Fan?

I started listening to Nick Cave about two years ago. 'Into My Arms' was the first song I heard by him. I love it and it marked a change of mind in my life. It makes me very happy to listen to and sing that song.

Why choose the pseudonym Eddi Front?

My real name is Ivana Carrescia. I wanted to change my name because these new recordings are very different from what I was doing before, and I've always wanted a brother, or a boy's name.

What was your reaction to the unofficial video for 'Gigantic', with the children's wedding?

I loved it, and it was a total surprise. David Burkhart put that together one or two days after Gigantic came out and we had never even spoken before that. That's when I discovered all of his other videos and then burst into flames. He's very good.

There are a lot of childhood pictures on your Tumblr. Are you a nostalgic person?
Yes definitely. I care a lot about remembering the past.

If you could live inside one album, which would it be?

'Terror Twilight' by Pavement.

Who would your dream jam session be with?

Stephen Malkmus.

Where would you take Dazed Digital for a night out in New York?

The Rabbit Hole in Brooklyn to eat, and then probably Palace Bar for some metal jukebox.

How would you describe your music in five words or less?

From the bottom of my