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The Hydra on London clubbing's freedom

We meet the duo behind the epic party series launched this year ahead of their Permanent Vacation vs Innervisions night

This weekend, Berlin's Innervisions join forces with cult label Permanent Vacation as part of this year's incredible 'The Hydra' series for their latest party as well as an afterparty on noneother than the epic partyboat moored in East London, the MS Stubnitz. Having curated a 12-strong series of epic line-ups in electronic music from techno legends to house heads and more eclectic electronica acts, The Hydra will have seen the likes of Hudson Mohawke, Kode 9, Boddika, Joy Orbison, and James Blake to the Night Slugs crew take over their heaving warehouse parties. Here we spoke to the Broken & Uneven founders Ajay Jayaram and Dolan Bergin behind it all...

Dazed Digital: How have your formulated your line-ups and what night are you most personally looking forward to?
Broken & Uneven: On the most part the series was a way for us to bring together the labels that we had worked with individually over recent years.  Every showcase presents a label / brand that we have a personal affiliation with and an output that we feel is of a high standard when it comes to electronic music.  It's hard to pick just one night as we programmed all of the line ups ourselves however the Deviation 5th Birthday is a good example of the ethos behind the series so we’re definitely looking forward to that date.

DD: What will be the greatest achievement for you from putting on the series?

Broken & Uneven: The hardest two things about making this series happen were being able to program all of the dates in a city where there are so many events happening each weekend.  The second biggest challenge was finding a home for all of the dates and while most people will not be aware of the problems behind the scenes with this its been a huge challenge.

DD: How do you feel about the current clubs in London for electronic music fans? Do you feel people are losing faith in traditional clubs due to things becoming more mainstream in some ways?

Broken & Uneven: There are some great clubs in London, I still think places like Fabric do a great job however I think the choice now on a whole is pretty poor.  For starters in London we just don’t have the freedom with licensing as they do in Berlin or the space or buildings to be able to develop the nightclubs away from residential areas.  I also think mainstream electronic music is becoming more and more popular so with that being the case it's better for us that side of things is kept away from what we do.   

DD: What are you most excited about next?

Broken & Uneven: We’re very keen to develop the Hydra series for next Autumn / Winter and we’re already working on that now.  Given the challenges of using temporary spaces in London we are in the process of finding a permanent home to house the Hyra Series for 2013 and we’ll increasing the number of dates across the series.  We will also be taking the Hydra and Electric Minds to Sonar and other European & UK festivals.

Tensnake will be playing at Innervisions x Permanent Vacation Halloween party as part of The Hydra on 27th October. Head down for the Innervisions afterparty on the MS Stubnitz