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Juk Juk

With the imminent release of his new 12” ‘Wars/When I Feel’ on his own label, Nommos, Juk Juk shows his vast array of talents in his exclusive mix

If you receive plaudits from the likes of Kieran Hebden and Giles Peterson, you have to be doing something right. Juk Juk, aka Caleb Waterman, has managed to achieve just that in a very short time frame. With his 12” ‘Water Turns Spring’ debuted on Four Tet’s label, Text Records last year, the young London producer makes us an exclusive mix featuring Zed Bias and Jamie XX, and talks to us about poking stomachs, TATU, and how he’s a sucker for a strong female vocal...

... your party trick?

I'm alright at card tricks, if the occasion arises.

…the story behind your name?

Juk was slang that me and my friends used when we played computer games. The actual slang means stabbing I think, however it ended up being re-appropriated as poking each other in the stomach and saying you got juk'd.

…your worst vice?

Sugar and greens

…your favourite sound?

My favourite sound is in Wataridori, a track by Cornelius. It comes in at 2:45 and 5:35. However this sound only appears in the album version of Sensuous. If you try and listen on YouTube it gives you the video version that they do live where they have replaced the sound with another sound. I find this very frustrating. It's worth getting the album just to hear this sound.

…your favourite record label?

A very hard question. At the moment I love the output of Hinge Finger. I’m especially feeling their new Blawan 12. Also loving all the new 12s Kieran's been putting out on Text.

…your musical ‘guilty pleasure’?

TATU – All The Things She Said

…your favourite website?

I have always loved It serves no real purpose, you click on weird things and weirder things happen.

….are you listening to now?

A mix of things like Julia Holter, Portishead and a range of folk artists, like Linda Perhacs, Ane Brun and Dory Previn. I'm a sucker for a strong female vocal.

How would you describe your work?

The stuff I release tends to be a sort of twisted ethereal garage house hybrid.

What’s next?

Plenty of stuff bubbling under, some of which too soon to talk about. But, I've just mastered my new 12 (NOM003: Wars/When I Feel) which will be coming out in early November on Nommos. And have been preparing a live set as a 2-piece with a drummer, which is almost ready to go. The tracks are all new and I hope to get out and play them soon.


Text by Charles Allenby