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Dazed Halloween Mixtape Trilogy

Three ghoulish Halloween mixtape treats from rapper Haleek Maul, video nasty experts Death Waltz Recs and Berlin's BlackBlackGold

As a Hallowe'en special, Dazed Digital has curated a Trilogy of ghoulish mixes from rapper Haleek Maul, Berlin producer BlackBlackGold (aka Gucci Goth), and cult London label Death Waltz Recordings... Check 'em below - Happy Halloween!


The scarily young Barbados-based hip hop head on Merok who's worked with producers like Supreme Cuts and King Britt, has crafted us an exclusive new mix featuring the unlikely pairings of Sisqo x Burial to Andy Stott, and Palmistry as well as Tri Angle types, Evian Christ and Howse.