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Pseudo Nippon: Video Premiere

The experimental band dress up and cycle round London like nutters in a trippy new video

The noisy electronic London-based trio, Pseudo Nippon, are set to release their new album 'Colorama' this November. The video for their new single sees them as mental cyclists in a psychedelic journey around London town dressed up in 'pseudo' Asian outfits whilst onlookers appear baffled... Here we chat to them before they launch the single 'Universal Brotherhood (Cops Say Ow)' at The Victoria in Dalston.


...the story behind your name?
Pseudo Nippon started as a one man project based in performance art. It explored an absurdity in steroetypes through hard, fast musical comedy.  The words Pseudo Nippon mean 'fake Japanese' and it was started to examine the loss of roots that came from being a Japanese born English man. The name has stuck and I think always will do, but we all like projects that never fix themselves and we think Pseudo will change with every album.
... your favourite sound?

We love the sound of plucked egg slicers - they have such an amazing gamelan mystical sound. We tried so hard to sample it and use it in 'Colorama', but we never managed to do anything good enough with it.
...your favourite website? - 'Butlins and the New World Order' is being investigated along with loads of far out ideas.
...your favourite record label right now?

I want to say Tigertrap because they're putting out our record and they're great to work with, but I love listening to Finders Keepers Records. Being able to listen to rarities from all around the world is a joy of our times.  

...your worst fashion secret?

Italy Flag pants with no knowledge of where they came from. Bad times.

...are you listening to at the moment?

Chrissy Zebby Tempo and the Ngozi Family and loving Shabazz Palaces at the moment too.

How would you describe your work?
Our work differs from the record to the live show. With recording, we love exploring sound and experimenting with audio. It is diverse and experimental but retains pop sensibilities. It comes from an outsider place, so it never comprimises to fit in. Our live show can only be described as hyped energy absurd fun times without any tinge of introspection. It is designed to make you go wild.

The new single 'Universal Brotherhood (Cops Say Ow)' launches at The Victoria in Dalston on 13th October