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EXCLUSIVE: Rachel Zeffira x Faris Badwan Film

Cat's Eyes' Rachel Zeffira and Faris of The Horrors talk about about their new record label, RAF, in this exclusive clip

Rachel Zeffira has never played by the rules. Abandoning her promising soprano career last year to make the excellent, 60s pop-inspired Cat's Eyes debut record with Faris Badwan (The Horrors), she also somehow managed to convince notoriously-uptight Vatican officials to let the duo host their first live gig there. When it came to release her solo album, why should things be any different?

Today, Rachel and Faris announce their record label RAF. Its first release will be Rachel's album 'The Deserters' on December 10. Earlier this month we travelled to Rachel and Faris' recording studio in Chippenham, Wiltshire, to get the lowdown on their new project. In our exclusive video interview, the pair discuss their inspiration for starting RAF, the importance of physical format and plans for the future.

Download Rachel Zeffira's new single 'Break the Spell' here.