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Deep Shit: YouTube Playlist

The Foals x Friendly Fires members forming a housier dream team go head to head and give us their 'Top Five Tunes' of the moment

Known for their main musical projects with Friendly Fires and Foals, Jack Savidge and Ed Congreave have formed a house dream team for their more electronic vices. To initiate the opening of Spin Off Club series at London's newly-refurbed XOYO, the duo known as Deep Shit will be playing alongside the likes of disco legends Optimo, The Revenge, Disco Bloodbath and house residents from Krankbrothers. Here we put the duo head to head about their favourite hands-in-the-air rave moments and musical pet peeves - alongside their Top Five biggest tunes on YouTube.

It was going 'off', tops were coming off, people were screaming, people were crying, tunes were getting 'rewinded', lives were getting fast-forwarded.

Jack Savidge: With as much detail as possible describe your most intense and memorable 'rave moment'.
Ed Congreave: I think "intense" and "memorable" here are inversely proportionate. The most intense rave moments are lost to the wide-eyed mists of time, and the most memorable are usually those which ended distrastrously and abruptly, like, say, when your friend goes all pasty-faced and starts dribbling the wrong colour. I'm not sure how to combine the two. Probably lay off the drugs? Anyway, the time that springs to mind wasn't that long ago: Rhythm Talk in a "semi-illegal" downstairs basement in east London. The soundsystem was ridiculous, and I think everyone who wasn't wearing earplugs probably lost the opportunity to hear their grandchildren laugh. Maybe that's why everyone was having so much fun. Bok Bok & L-Vis 1990 were playing "b2b", it was going "off, tops were coming off, people were screaming, people were crying, tunes were getting "rewinded", lives were getting fast-forwarded. You can probably tell from that description that I don't actually remember much of it, but there was a vibe, man… a vibe.

Jack Savidge: Are there any specific sounds or trends in music that make you cringe upon hearing? And any that you will never get tired of?
Ed Congreave: There's that never-ending trend of dance-music-you-can't-actually-dance-to, presumably made for the Ibiza afterparty crowd. It doesn't make me cringe so much as make me a bit sad. You know all those tunes hovering around and below the 120bpm mark, ladened with chunky basslines and tunelessly soulful vocals wafting around aimlessly. You can shuffle around to it and pump your fist at the appropriate drop but fundamentally it's music made to soundtrack coked-up assholes chewing off other coked-up assholes' ears. I wouldn't mind - you know, each to their own- but it gives deep house a bad name. There's no grit, and, well, you can't dance to it. So what's the point?

I'll never tire of dumb piano chords played over and over again without very much else going on. "Die Alte" by Kolsch defines that sound for me. It just goes on and on, oh, and there's the strings too. Ok, piano and strings. It's a strong look.

Jack Savidge: Does Deep Shit have a creation myth?
Ed Congreave: Yes. Ok. Here goes. We were on tour together in the depths of an European winter. We hadn't spoken that much because we're both social lepers. There was some kind of afterparty at some kind of bar somewhere and we were prompted to dj together. It turned out that we had the same records, and before long we were playing each others, trumping each other with arthur russell rarities, obscure todd terje edits, and strictly rhythm originals. again, tops came off, we were high-fiving, strangers were pouring champagne into our mouths, and we decided, there and then, that this was how we wanted to spend the rest of our lives. some of that is true.

Ed Congreave: Can you explain the phenomenom of "putting yo hands up in the hair"? Have you ever put your hands up in the air? what was the longest time they stayed up? did it hurt?
Jack Savidge:  As a teenager I had a problem with my right clavicle that meant the bone would jump out of its socket whenever I raised my right arm. I think this has informed my scepticism about too much putting of hands in air and crowd-bating showyness when DJing. As Richard D James said: "If I want to put my hands in the air I will, I don't need some fuckstick to tell me when to do it".


Cajmere feat. Derrick Carter - Dream States

An early gem from two absolute heroes of ours.

Dusky - Henry 85

We overuse the word 'poignancy' when describing slightly misty-eyed dance records, but ... this has it in spades.

Ripperton - Let's Hope (Bicep Remix)

Retro fetishism is fine if the tune itself as big as this. Featuring the crispest piano you ever did hear.

Ed Congreave - Heal

Our first release on our own label. Heads down no-frills house.

Rory Philips - Cosmic Fluff

A brilliant name for what is actually a stone-cold dancefloor killer.

Spin Off Club feat: Deep Shit (Edwin Foals & Jack Friend Fires), Optimo, The Revenge, Krankbrothers, Disco Bloodbath; Tickets £12.50; XOYO, 32-37 Cowper Street, Islington, London, EC2A 4AW; September 14th, 9pm-3am