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Microburst Exclusive Mix

Chris Sallows gives a mix featuring the optimistic melancholy a la Vessel and Sagat

Living the highlife in Weymouth, Microburst aka Chris Sallows, is making atmospheric electronic sounds down by the sea. Arriving on Svetlana with his debut mini-LP, after having his track hand-picked for the Calvin Klein SS12 show, Sallows' latest venture is a mixture of downtempo dubstep and subtly layered soundscapes. Check out his mix made exclusively for Dazed, featuring his trademark optimistic melancholy through his own tracks as well as the likes of Vessel and Sagat.


... your favourite sound?
That space dust candy that crackles in your mouth... also blow holes (the geology kind).
...better, analogue or digital?

Both are good in their own way, most of my setup is digital based although a lot of sounds go through a tube compressor to give a bit of analogue crunch and warmth, you can push it more with analogue.

...your favourite website? 'cause I get to taste everything on there!

...your favourite label?

There's no specific favourite label but a few that Im feeling at the moment are; Modern Love, Type, Tri Angle, Vlek and of course Svetlana.
...your worst fashion secret?

I wear neoprene most days.
...are you listening to now?

An annoying mains hum coming from my speakers. Apart from that the last thing I listened to was a Tropics promo sent through from Toby.
How would you describe your work?

Ambiguous sound elements interlaced with emotive synths, drenched vocals and acoustic instruments somehow layered into a coherent sound piece. Kinda.
What's next?

Some other tracks I'd like to put out, talks of a remix EP for Hadal Lagoon and hopefully some more gigs.


Ghelsto - Zack Christ
Derren - Old Apparatus
Tigerpath - Cupp Cave
Effects - Microburst
Merge - Vessel
untitled - Microburst
ESC - Sagat
Life In Angles - Microburst
Rocking Horse (Microburst Remix) - Talk In Colour
When Your Around Boo - Hav Lyfe
Blackdale - Jasper TX
All I Can - Downliners Sekt
Dare Gale - Jacaszek