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Drop Out Venus Mixtape

The Deptford trio's mixtape takes us through Björk and Cat Power to The White Stripes

Deptford trio Drop Out Venus have created a world of Scarlet seducers and cold-blooded murderers on their riffathon debut 7" 'Elastic Teen Rent'/'I Kill Foxes', out September 24 on Dirty Bingo. "Satisfy my cunt/Satisfy my cock/Satisfy my mouth/You satisfy me God" sneers frontwoman Iva in 'Elastic Teen Rent', a song with the literate snarl of Holy Bible-era Manics and guitar shredding borrowed from Big Black. In the incredible technicolor video, she writhes around in a blue wig and panties as if playing Hatsune Miku in a MAC commercial shot by Nan Goldin. We caught up with Iva to find out more about her lyrics (and which supermodel she'd like to snog), and she also made Dazed Digital an exclusive mixtape.


…the story behind your band name?
I had a dream that I was in space floating between all the planets. When I got to Venus, she told me she was sick of being part of the galaxy and she wanted to find something different, so she changed her course and floated off in a different direction. Then the next day I was shuffling through my Tarot cards and Venus dropped out of the deck.

…the best hangover cure?

There are ASMR videos on YouTube that will sooth any pain out of you. You'll either be creeped out or watch it every night. It's a bunch of girls doing roleplays of various things that mentally-different people find soothing. There is one Russian girl called Maria Gentlewhispering and the last video she did was of herself stroking tiny cotton balls and talking softly about good it felt. That does it for me.    

… your explanation of the line "She said satisfy my cunt/Satisfy my cock"

It's about someone who has an incredibly hedonistic way of life and seeks only satisfaction. She avoids facing up to even the most natural human darkness because it's too terrifying for her. In that way, she becomes inhuman and sexless without being able to realise it. This person isn't ill-willed or cruel. She's just in lust with a world of comfort and fame which gives her money and stardom but robs her of peace, love and communication. I can't say her name, because I think she'd be offended by the song and not understand that it's actually very compassionate.    

…your worst vice?

I walk around naked all the time. I hate doing laundry and I never close the curtains because I love natural light, so as a consequence everyone on the street sees me naked.

…at the top of your shitlist?

Various men I've met on the street who are total cunts to young women who aren't afraid to wear a dress or a skirt. Just recently I had an altercation with a guy in Peckham who wanted to "take my nose off" because I happened to look in his direction and not bow down out of fear and suck his dick.  
…The piece of art that you would like to live in?

I would love to live in that photograph of Kate Moss by Corrine Day in which she's laughing naked on the beach. I guess Kate is in her teens and looks like the most beautiful girl in the world. If I lived in that photograph, I would just make out with Kate all day, walk on the beach and write things in the sand. At night Kate and I could have conversations about the various things we agreed and disagreed on.  

…Your top fashion tip?

 Borrow your friends clothes and never return them. When they ask for them back, just say "look, it suits me way better than it does you." My toppest fashion tip would be ZEF.

… Your idea of an amazing night out?

 Walking through the cemetery staking vampires.

…Your favourite book?

Right now, Anna Karenina. But I can't not mention The Catcher in the Rye. The last time I said I loved The Catcher in the Rye I got told I was a cliché. I was like, 'well I don't see you writing any eternal literature, asshole.' We can't all read Being and Nothingness by Sartre and get a hard on. That book is long.  

…The thing you'd save if your house was on fire?

I don't have a house right now 'cause estate agents fucked my life up, but if any of my stuff was under threat I'd save my Silvertone guitar. He's called Lux after Lux Interior from The Cramps, and I'll be playing him until the day I die.

Who would your dream jam session be with?

I don't think I could jam with anyone that I haven't known for a thousand years, but if I wasn't so shy, I'd love to play with Thelonious Monk or Billie Holiday. From the living, I would take Chan Marshall, Jamie Hince, Bjork, Nick Cave and Polly Jean. I better not get too greedy.

How would you describe your music in five words or less?

Junk Jazz.

Exclusive Drop Out Venus Mixtape by Dazed Digital on Mixcloud