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Land of Light

Brimming with retro synth sounds, the new record on ESP Institute from the Scottish duo takes us higher

The collaborative electronic project, Land of Light is made up of LN-CC's Jonny Nash (part of Tokyo’s Discossession collective), a founding member of label ESP Institute, and Kyle Martin who released his debut on This is Not An Exit under the alias Spectral Empire. Asides from playing with ex-Ozric Tentacles / Planet Gong-fronted spacerock band Dream Machine, and remixing the likes of Cos/Mes, the two have both had rich musical histories before the culmination of Land of Light over the last three years. Now they present their album on ESP Institute as a series of explorative Italo-esque retro synth-heavy sounds.


...the story behind your name?
We are both from Scotland, so it’s a bit of a nod to our roots.
...better, analogue or digital?

Whatever gets the sound you are after – there are no right answers, the key is just enjoying finding out what works for you.

... your favourite sound?

The space between sounds… silence… Paul Buchanan’s voice… the Roland D50…. The list goes on.
...your favourite website?


...your favourite label?

ESP Institute and ENE, of course!

...are you listening to now?

Loads of mixes by Chris Kontos

How would you describe your work?

A joyous embrace of the process rather than the end result.

What's next?

Album release end of October, then touring the Land of Light live set (reworking the tracks into raw analogue workouts for the dancefloor), Japan in November, USA after that and hopefully Australia in early 2013… plus back in the studio for the follow-up album.

Catch Land of Light with Tim Sweeney at ReviveHER this November