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Get Your Rocks Off With Kim Gordon & Bobby Gillespie

The Sonic Youth frontwoman joins Primal Scream for Ray-Ban's 75th Anniversary Celebration

If there's one iconic woman in rock music who needs no introduction it's Kim Gordon - so it's with unparalleled excitement that Dazed announces the Sonic Youth frontwoman will be appearing as the special guest at Ray-Ban's 75th Anniversary Celebration. To celebrate Ray-Ban's rich rock and roll heritage, Ray-Ban have joined forces with Dazed to host an exclusive event where Gordon will join seminal British band Primal Scream, to collaborate on covering a song of your choosing. Hyped London musician Kindness, aka Adam Bainbridge, will be opening the evening with his hazy brand of ambient funk.

To win tickets to this once-in-a-lifetime event, simply check out the Dazed Facebook page and tweet the name of the song you would like to see Gordon and Primal Scream cover. The pair have whittled it down to the following three options: ‘Bubblegum’, by Kim Fowley, ‘I Wanna Be Your Dog’ by Iggy and the Stooges and ‘Teardrops’ by Womack & Womack. After tweeting your song choice, make sure to keep an eye on the sunglasses on our Facebook page - as more people tweet their song choice these will slowly fade to reveal a code. The first 15 people to email us at with the code will win tickets to the event on 13 September in a secret London location.

Dazed had a chat with Gordon about collaborating with Primal Scream, life post-Sonic Youth and this generation's new female punk icons - Pussy Riot!

Dazed Digital: We’re really excited that you’re playing this event, why did you want to take part?
Kim Gordon: Well I’ve known Bobby for a long time and saw one of his first ever gigs, which Primal Scream played with the Jesus and Mary Chain. We usually try and see each other once a year and, I don’t know, I just thought a lot had changed in my life, so…

DD: You were more open to try new things?
Kim Gordon:

DD: Have you played with him before?
Kim Gordon:
No, never.

DD: Is there one song in particular that you’d really like to cover?
Kim Gordon:
No. I think I just picked songs that I thought would be easy to sing together and that were fun, you know, that we could really rock out to.

DD: You’re entering a new era now, since leaving behind Sonic Youth behind. How does it feel?
Kim Gordon:
I mean it’s sort of scary but I’ve enjoyed it. I’m beginning to create visual art now, although that’s a whole different story.

DD: The Ray-Ban event is in celebration of cultural legends and legendary moments. Looking back, what were some of the pivotal, defining moments in your career?
Kim Gordon:
I remember playing in China and being amazed that the Chinese knew a lot of the lyrics. I lived in Hong Kong for a year when I was twelve in an English colony and China was, you know, this kind of this forbidden fruit, a place you could never go to. So playing there was especially touching. Recently someone also showed me some articles where Pussy Riot had mentioned that Sonic Youth were an inspiration to them.

DD: That’s so cool! How do you think things have changed in the music world for strong women who are determined to do something new now?
Kim Gordon:
I would think that women make natural anarchists because they’re coming from a place of such oppression and second class citizenry. If you’re lucky enough to live in a culture that isn’t under oppression though you can do anything, you know, always.

Kim Gordon portrait by Stefano Giovannini

Wanna get involved? We're offering you tickets to the exclusive event throughout the week. Head to our Facebook page to choose the legendary song you want Kim and Bobby to perform for your chance to win tickets to Ray-Ban's 75th Anniversary Celebration on the 13th September!