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6BIT Collective's Exclusive A/V Mix

The L.A. collective, label and 'cyber-commune' specially created an audio-visual mix for us

“It’s been somewhat of a dream so far”, says founder Eliot of the journey forming the innovative L.A. collective and label 6BIT. The prolific group of bright, young West Coast artists have been exploring and pushing their own creative capacities by taking things into their own hands since 2011. After an inspiring first year, recently playing at Freak City and the Boiler Room in L.A., Eliot chats to us about their platform...

Dazed Digital: How would you describe 6BIT?
6BIT is a multi-media collective and label, consisting of various unique and motivated artists. The collective acts as a "cyber-commune" for these artists, as well as a platform for their works to be showcased.

DD: Why ‘6BIT’?
The name 6BIT came from the term 8-bit music. 6BIT is an attempt at breaking music down to its true origin - working up from the pure roots of something and manipulating those roots into something completely different.

DD: How did the collective come together?
I founded the collective during Summer of 2011, starting with a few friends and artists that I had known or gotten to know such as Brotherhood Crusade, Guy Fridge, Phoebe Bridgers, and Oskar Russakis. It was over the course of the next few months that I was introduced to the rest of the members of the collective. Some of whom I met through friends, while others I discovered through local events and websites such as Soundcloud. It was Dreams, Caves, Wondr, Future Dollars, Earthly Delight, PXL, and BALI who all shared the same dedication to the vision I had for 6BIT.

DD: Was it a conscious decision to take a DIY approach forming your own label and collective?
Unquestionably. It’s a universal effort - we all contribute in our own unique ways, aiding the progression of the collective as a whole. We've gotten this far doing everything ourselves, and we love it. The whole process is much more personal and rewarding.

DD: Does the collective have a signature sound?
6BIT is made up of artists with largely different styles, which provokes everyone to experiment. All the artists on 6BIT define their genres in their own unique way, while constantly gathering influence from everyone else. I'd classify 6BIT's sound as cross-genre, progressive, and futuristic.

DD: Has Los Angeles been an influence?
Los Angeles has had a tremendous impact on us as well as the music we create. We've gained influence from various prominent L.A. born labels and collectives, whose operations we admire for widening an electronic music scene that was predominantly unexposed. But, we really want people to recognize that 6BIT doesn't fall into the standards those labels have set - it is and has become something transcendent and totally different.

DD: What’s next for 6BIT?
We have a lot planned. We've started to improve and expand the platform as a whole in order to showcase different aspects of the collective, as well as new, contrastive genres and projects. Plenty of new releases are on their way as well, which we'll be unveiling soon.

DD: The experience so far has been?
Nothing but satisfying. We've morphed into a small family of artists, all of whom share the same mutual desire and motivation to create something unique and innovative. We've gone through so much together - recording low-budget hi-fi music, sharing that music with people at shows and parties, and traveling to other locations. We've stood by each other as we've helped and watched our peers grow tremendously. We can hardly wait for the future and what it holds for 6BIT.

As an exclusive for Dazed Digital, the labels own Future Dollars has put together a mix of old, new, and unreleased 6BIT music, to which PXL has beautifully crafted an accompanying video mix. Check it out for an absorbing audio-visual trip into the world and offerings of 6BIT…