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Antony Hegarty Takeover: Meltdown Festival Top 5

The Dazed Digital guest editor compiles a YouTube playlist of his favourite bands playing Meltdown

As part of his week-long Dazed Digital take over, Antony compiles a YouTube playlist exclusively for us. Here he talks us through his choices, a mix of all-time favourites and new discoveries, all playing at the Hegarty-cuated Meltdown Festival this month...

Marc & The Mambas - In My Room
"One of my early prototypes was watching Marc [Almond] on Top of The Pops. In that period he was so emotional and so unbridled. It's fascinating when you can present something that's so armoured and yet so vulnerable at the same time, and as an effeminate I can sometimes use my vulnerability as a weapon. I think they all look so gorgeous!"

Selda - Ey Halkım Unutma Bizi
"Selda is one of my favourite singers, and probably the person I've listened to the most in the past two or three years. I don't speak the [Turkish] language and I can't understand the lyrics, but her voice is really riveting and incredibly beautiful. I just trust her. You can feel her strength of character in her voice. She was even imprisoned for some of her political songs in the early eighties during the military regime. Like Nina Simone and Buffy Sainte-Marie she uses the ecstatic quality of her voice as an emotional medium to cry for justice."

Gaël Rakotondrabe - Loris Gréaud's Cellar Door (with Sierra Casady)
"He's an incredible improvisational pianist from Paris that's really soulful. I think he has a bright and interesting future, I can't wait to see what he does next. His playing has a little bit of Nina Simone's rolling, pastoral quality."

Diamanda Galas - Gloomy Sunday
"I first listened to Diamanda as a teenager in the early 80s in San Diego. She was lumped in with the post-punk, dark music like Christian Death that was happening, but she really stood on her own. I mean, there's no-one really you could compare her to. With Diamanda, it was almost like she took her voice and rammed it through your body!"

Planningtorock - The Breaks
"I've recently been introduced to Janine's work, and I was really inspired by her presentation. She was making these beautiful facial prosthetics and augmenting her face in really unconventionally beautiful ways. It reminded me of Future Feminist artists from New York, like the way that Johanna Constantine uses makeup."

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