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Sensual Harassment: Disco Heart

Brooklyn duo Todd Thomas and Mike Sherburn on the sexiest song ever written and their latest music video about an alien flight attendant moonlighting as a drug dealer

Sensual Harassment is a Brooklyn band making upbeat disco music with a psychedelic edge. The provocatively named twosome, made up of Todd Thomas and Mike Sherburn, will release their sophomore album this autumn. Expect epic pop choruses, 80s new wave vibes, and MDMA-level happiness. The album’s first single, “Disco Heart”, is available for free down on their website now. The music video is a trip, following an alien, flight attendant drug dealer as she travels to Earth on a mission to feed happy pills to the attendees of a Brooklyn warehouse party. Obviously.

What’s your...

Favorite disco song?
"Ring My Bell" is an ageless classic. That disco synth is just addictive!

Favorite song to get sensual to?
"I Feel Love" by Donna Summer.  I don't know if a sexier song has ever been written. That and Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game" are pure, dripping sex.  

Where did the idea for your deep space, flight attendant drug dealer music video come from?
The director, Joel Fernando, is a real space cadet in a good way, and the initial spark was a gem from his subconscious. Later we realised that a drug dealer is a lot like a stewardess, because they both help to facilitate a journey of sorts.

What can we expect from your forthcoming album?
Our mantra while making the record was “Don't bore us, get to the chorus”. The deep cuts don't pay the rent. Basically, unless you're Pink Floyd, show us the good stuff quickly. The record boils down to disco/dance tracks and straight pop songs. One day Mike's gonna get around to writing a Death Metal opus and I'll join a shoegaze band that rips off Slowdive riffs, but until then we're just trying to craft songs that make people feel good and want to dance.