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EXCLUSIVE: Lemonade Mix

New York's Callan Clendenin, Ben Steidel and Alex Pasternak merge New Order with UK Garage on their latest album, 'Diver'

Lemonade, the Brooklyn-based band that was formed in San Francisco, released their latest album, Diver, in May. Signed to True Panther Sounds, Lemonade are label mates of Glasser and Magic Kids and can thank Le Chev (Fischerspooner and Frankie Rose’s producer) for their gloss. Initially their music was psychedelic and visceral but, since their move east the boys have taken to a more warped rave sound. Callan Clendenin, Ben Steidel and Alex Pasternak merge eclectic references - from New Order, to Euro-trance, to UK Garage - to produce infectious, twitchy tunes. Here they chat to Dazed Digital about their days in punk bands, shoe collection and love of dance music....


...special about you                  

In terms of the music we create now, the fact that we all grew up playing punk bands in the 90s makes us special.

 ...the story behind your name?

One of Alex’s co-workers was putting together a show, and asked us if we had a band and did we want to perform? We’d been talking about starting a band for so long and although we had had no practice, we agreed to play the show. When asked what our band was called we told this girl, Lemonade. It was one of those incidental on the spot moments, and since then the name has stuck.  

...your worst vice?

For all of us, our worst vice is that we are all reckless hedonists.

... your favourite sound?

The ocean.

...your favourite website?

I really don’t spend long on the internet, and I don’t look at websites even for music.

...your favourite label? 

I’m such an intense music collector that it’s really impossible for me to single out just one label.

...your worst fashion secret?

I have 50 pairs of shoes, I have so many clothes it’s horrifying. 

...are you listening to now?

Lots of classic, early nineties techno. Free style pop vocals. Old school garage, 2002-2003 early grime records.

How would you describe your work?

We make dance music, but they are love songs.

What's next?

Producing dance tracks. I really want to get back to making big dance singles.


1. Midnight Star - Midas Touch

2. Clara Mondshine - Memory Metropolis

3. Helium Robots - Bring Drinking (Tuff City Kids Remix)

4. dOP - Rave Forever Together

5. Hardrive & Dino Lenny - A DJ Deep Inside (Shadow Child Vocal)

6. Shadow Child - String Thing

7. Huxley - Let It Go (Eats Everything Refuse)

8. Christian Löffler - Eleven feat. Mohna