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Lianne La Havas

The young songwriter writes us a charming letter in contemplation of her current musical obsession

Set to release her debut album, 'Is Your Love Big Enough?', the London-based folk-influenced singer / songwriter Lianne La Havas who first appeared on Dazed Digital with her Willy Mason collaboration, wrote us a hand-written letter telling us a little about her current obsession and what's nearest and dearest to her...

"I am currently obsessed with my guitar and I must admit, I have been ever since I bought it exactly a year ago this July. I've called it 'Connie' after my late grandmother and it's a 'Danelectro Silvertone' from 1964... which also happens to be the year my grandmother got married.

I found it in a shop in New York City called Rivington Guitars in the Lower East Side. I had several electric guitars before this one, but none of them every truly satisfied my playing style and so to discvoer this guitar was like literally finding myself in a second-hand vintage guitar. It also, to my eyes, looks the part. It's black and white, not too big, and not too small and has the most beautiful bluesy wholesome yet delicate sound to it.

I play it everyday and it has helped me to define my sound as a singer/songwriter guitarist. My album 'Is Your Love Big Enough?' is out now! And my guitar 'Connie' is featured heavily throughout. I'm extremely excited to release the record into the world so I hope it's well received!"