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The sister trio based in L.A. speak to us about their love of Beyonce, Bowie, and nail art

As buzz bands go, right now there’s none buzzier than L.A.’s HAIM but, for once, this is a band that actually lives up to - and exceeds - they hype. Already declared this century’s answer to Fleetwood Mac, sisters Danielle, Alana and Este (plus drummer Dash Hutton) are more than just Stevie Nicks wannabes; on their new EP Forever (due out in July), they mesh loping R&B with the fragility of Portishead and tough, classic rock licks that sound like they’ve been beamed in straight from the 60s. After spending their childhood playing with their parents in a family band dubbed Rockinhaim, now is the sisters’ time to shine and, combining their sultry sound with their foulmouthed and sassy live show, it looks like they’re on to a winner.


...your secret talent?

Alana is a CRAZY nail artist

...your worst vice?

Thrift shopping

...your favourite sound?

I love the sound of breaking glass

...your favourite website?

...your favourite label?


...your worst fashion secret?

Wearing men’s boxers to bed

...are you listening to now?

A$AP Rocky, Ry Cooder, Selena 

...special about you?

Alana has a heart shaped vein on her right arm

...better, analogue or digital?

Analogue always sounds warmer but digital has its perks: it’s faster. We've also come to like the sound of some digital reverbs and delays because they are nostalgic to us 80s and 90s babies 

...your biggest band crush?

Drake, especially in the HYFR video

...can’t you live without?


How would you describe your work?

A blast in a glass 

What’s next?

Hopefully a collab with the 3 B's: Beyonce, Bowie, and Barbara Streisand

Text by Rhian Daly