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Teen Daze

The young Canadian artist making soft dream pop sounds debuts his album full to the brim with chilled out vibes

Dream pop melodies and a backdrop of bass with a rush hour purpose threw Teen Daze into the fore only a week after graduating bible college. After an earful of EPs, Teen Daze has snuggled up to a more mature sound. His debut full length, All of Us, Together is out now and he offers a generous return on investment. Rigged with a four on the floor bass line and playful melodies, tracks like “The New Balearic” and “Erbstück” make their mark. The album’s lo-fi ambience could engage both a wallflower and a dance floor darling. With two exclusive tracks from the new album, Teen Daze tells of the near completion of his sophomore effort…


…your party trick?
I can say the alphabet backwards with relative speed.

…the story behind your name?
A friend of mine was turning 20, so for his last day of being 19 some friends took him out and spent the whole day doing ‘teen’ things. The whole time they were shouting, “Teen day! Teen day!” When they told me about it, I thought, “I’m going to make a song for that friend.” I decided to call the song “Teen Days”, but I was really tired from a day of work so I spelt it d-a-z-e. That was the song I had ready for the [Four More Years] EP, but I ended up not putting it on and just taking the song name as the name of the project.

…your worst vice?
Coffee, because it’s going to be something that in 20 years we’re going to look back on in the same way that people look back on cigarettes. It’s so bad for us, but I drink like 5 cups a day.

…your favourite sound?
Trains in the distance.

…your favourite website? is a really good one. I’m always really inspired by that site. They post a lot of really great music and great design stuff. Or because I’m really into the basketball playoffs right now and they write really great articles about sports.

…better, analogue or digital?
Analogue. I am always striving to make something that sounds like actual synth. Even though I’m in such a digital world I’m always pushing to create something that’s more analogue.

…your favourite board game?
Blokus. I think it’s Dutch or something. It’s Tetris, but on a board.

…your favourite label?
Uniqlo. I just found a jacket on their website that I want to get the next time I’m in New York.

…your worst fashion secret?
White, long socks. All of my socks are gross, teenager gym class socks.

…are you listening to now?
Aphex Twin’s Selected Ambient Works Vol. 2, Actress’ R.I.P., Daniel Rossen’s Silent Hour/Golden Mile EP, CFCF’s Exercises EP, and Fort Romeau.

How would you describe your work?
It changes quite often. Right now it’s the soundtrack of a modernist, utopian future as described from the 60s. Like 2001: A Space Odyssey.

What's next?
I would say I’m about 75% done a new record. I can’t say too much but expect it to be released sooner than later. I started writing a new track and then I finished it and thought, “That sounds really good. I should try to make more stuff that sounds like that.” Two weeks later and I have 45 minutes of new music. When I’m in L.A. I’m going to be doing some recording at my friend’s studio. It’s pretty much done. It happened very quickly. Hopefully that’s a good thing.

Teen Daze: 'All of Us, Together' on Lefse Records is out now.

Text by Trey Taylor