Thieves Like Us Video Premiere: Maria Marie

The multilingual five-some take on their fourth album and premiere the cinematic new video for their latest single

Following releases on labels like Kitsune and Shelflife, and with three albums under their belt since the mid-noughties, Thieves Like Us, have unleashed their latest endeavour on the cult Captured Tracks after last year's 'Your Love Runs Still' EP. With Martine Duverglas, Anna De Marco and Dani Imhoff joining the multi-lingual group hailing from Sweden, the US, to Berlin, they've collectively just released their fourth album, 'Bleed Bleed Bleed'.

Influenced by Italo to post-punk and blending electro and pop sounds, they've lyrically decided to take on deeper subjects than teenage love stories as before: “With all the bad news in the world we just couldn’t write about break-ups anymore.”

Dazed Digital: Why did you decide to use the name Thieves Like Us? How has your sound changed since the late noughties when you first emerged?
Thieves Like Us: Popol Vuh was used already. TLU is just a band name. I can't remember what we were thinking at the time. Really. We started recording in 2004. I don't think much has changed. We have a second singer, Martine, now and we ditched putting the kick on every beat. But we pretty much sort of stay in our own little world.

DD: Who is Maria Marie?
Thieves Like Us:
 Oh, I think we were going to sing Berlin Berlin, but in the end the song is a bit about my mother... I was having a fight with her. But her name is Janice. Maria or Marie... I thought it was a pretty popular name on the planet... She could be anyone and everyone.

DD: What are you listening to now in your own time?
Thieves Like Us:
 Nikki Sudden and the Weather Report.

DD: What are you most looking forward to now?
Thieves Like Us:
 We have been booking ourselves for all these years. We'd really like to find a good agent now - put the word out, please.