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Tevo Howard Exclusive Mix

Alongside a new mix for us, the Chicago house producer and label head speaks to us about the future of his imprints ahead of his headline set at Etiquette

Set to headline the next Etiquette party at London's Rhythm Factory this weekend, the influential Rush Hour label's Tevo Howard breaks down his style of house productions for us, chats about his two record labels, Beautiful Granville and the new Tevo Howard Recordings, as well as making us an exclusive mix.

'Without Me' was considered a Panorama Bar classic at its release. This track was a bass heavy modal song that I hoped would gently but thoroughly bump dancefloors...

With support on the night from cult disco/house label My Love Is Underground's Brawther and Alex Coulton (All Caps / Idle Hands), Koldt, Basic Audio, and Streets of Beige DJs - expect a night of the finest sultry and atmospheric house.

Dazed Digital: What kind of club environment do you feel your music is made for? Or is this not something you consider/intentional?
Tevo Howard:
For example, "Without Me," which was released as Beautiful Granville Records' catalogue number 003 was considered a Panorama Bar classic at its release. This track was a bass heavy modal song that I hoped would gently but thoroughly bump dancefloors. Within this composition, I juxtaposed the bassline against the four-to-the-floor bass drum in the track (the bass drum articulates opposite the bass line).

This was done to cause stereo speakers in a club to move according to low and mid-low frequencies in alternating intervals. The track's melody, and modal tonal qualities were simply meant to play colour over the movement of the lower frequencies. In discourse, the composition is meant to show the opposition in these three tonal structures (the bassline, bass drum, and melody).

DD: How are your labels going and what can we expect next from them?
Tevo Howard:
The 10 issue collection called Beautiful Granville Records was a great thing for me. It put us on the map. The new label, Tevo Howard Recordings, simply involves the eloboration of Beautiful Granville: more artists with a lighter colour sound quality if you will. We are still growing.

DD: How did your break from music affect your work when you returned to it?
Tevo Howard:
They say in music that two days off from work means four days back, just to get back to where you were. I did enjoy studying and pursuing other subjects in my life, as not much is more empowering than educating yourself. Nonetheless, some things were lost coming back to music and I did have to take more time to relearn my ways around. However, I would say that I am a bit more of an experienced musician nowadays, and that that's one thing I have over my musicianship growing up.

DD: If in doubt, play _____?
Tevo Howard: Revolting Cocks - Big Sexy Land

DD: What are you most looking forward to next?
Tevo Howard: Working in music with my childhood friends in Chicago. Ruby is the name of the band and project we are doing together. The band members are here as listed: Lionel Melgar, Tevo Howard, Gustavo Guerra, and Kieth Dukavicius. I am especially proud of this particular project and to be working on music periodically with them for more than 20 years. Ruby will be putting out an album titled Foreword EP on Tevo Howard Recordings very shortly. The EP title is to signify us as band members moving through these parts of our lives.

Another project I am excited about is with Kate Simko and our band together titled PolyRhythmic. Kate and I will be making our first tour together in July under this band name, and I cannot wait to be on stage with Kate in performance. One of our stops will be Panorama Bar Berlin, which is always my favorite crowd worldwide.

Rhythm Factory, 16-18 Whitechapel Road, London, E1 1EW