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Kate Simko's Sonic Video Art

The Chicago-based producer and composer takes on video art inspired by tracks from her debut album on Hello?Repeat

Known for her minimal and stylish take on house and techno, the University-trained composer Kate Simko is also a producer whose talents extend to art with projects utilised for her live shows for a truly unique audio-visual experience. Working closely with intermedia artist Jeffrey Weeter, they will be manipulating HD videos from online communities for an innovative 'cinemative event' entitled 'Lustre'. They will aim to fit the video footage they shoot with each of Simko's song's directorial cues, combining her music with images from collaborators in worldwide cities to showcase images inspired by each individual track from her debut album on Hello?Repeat in HD video display.


...your special talent?
Making music... It's definitely not sports or holding a day job.. so better be that!

...your worst vice?
Drinking. I'm of Slovak descent... think it's in my genes.

... your favourite sound?
White noise... it's magic when it comes to falling asleep in hotels (aka my second home).

...your favourite website?
BBC .. check the headlines first thing in the morning to make sure the world is still intact.

...the best thing about where you're from?
The house and indie rock scenes while I was growing up in Chicago.

...your worst fashion secret?

Rocking clothes that go way back - like from ten years ago - because I've been the same height/weight since high school... the top of your shit list?
The "tea party" and conservative Republicans in the US.

...are you listening to now?

Lobisomen - a good friend of mine from New York.. super soothing free jazz/electronic music.

..are you most excited about next?

My album release tour in Europe in April, and for my debut artist album to drop May 23 on Hello? Repeat. Super excited for it!

How would you describe your work?

Arty electronic music. Lately I've been calling the music I'm into "creative emotion." I like songs that tell stories and evoke emotions, while keeping it groovy...

Kate Simko's debut album 'Lights Out' on Hello?Repeat will be out on May 23rd