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EXCLUSIVE: Mickey Moonlight Video Premiere

We premiere the trippy new video from the UK-based producer and remixer on Ed Banger

Dazed Digital premieres the new video for Ed Banger's wildcard, Mickey Moonlight's new single 'Come On Humans!'. Here we speak to Mr Moonlight himself about the ET references and his new material out this May as remixed by the likes of Daniel Avery, Das Glow and Sam Tiba.

Dazed Digital: What was the story behind the new video?
Mickey Moonlight:
The song is a tale of extra terrestrial disappointment with the humans of 21st century Earth, narrated by an occult messiah from another galaxy, another multiverse.

"There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth. We are all crew." - Marshall McLuhan.

DD: Your new single is called 'Come On Humans!' - if you had control of humanity for one day, what would you make everyone do?
Mickey Moonlight: Nothing. But it might be nice to suggest they all spoke and wrote in E-prime. Check it out! Try it out!

DD: What are you most excited about this moment?
Mickey Moonlight: The coming summer, the sun, beaches and friends. Also having finished writing a new album with a new band. Now we're going to record it all very quickly. I'm also excited about my new/old guitar from 1957. I'm very excited to listen to the new Twin Shadow album I received 5 mins ago. Excited about the new Hypnolove album that i've produced and we've finally finished. I'm also excited about making more videos, cycling, walking, new blends, eating out, and taking more photographs.

Mickey Moonlight "Come On Humans!" EP, including remix by Daniel Avery, Das Glow, Sam Tiba and SCNTST
release date on May 7th