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Mr Fogg Download: Maribou State Remix

With a new album 'Eleven' on his imprint Kicking Ink (via Kompakt), the producer gives us a free download of the track 'A Little Letting Go' remixed by Maribou State

Back with his second album, "Eleven”, English musician Mr Fogg provides us here with a stunning sneak teaser of what's to come with his new single 'A Little letting Go', as remixed by Maribou State. Out on the iconic electronic label giant Kompakt/Kicking Ink this May, the latest track takes you on a bittersweet melancholic journey formed around his soft vocals over layers upon layers of subtle melodies and twinkling bells. Here we speak to him about the new album and his approach to sound

Dazed Digital: Your record is rather melancholic, what has inspired your sounds and was it intentional?
Mr Fogg: I didn't set out to make a deliberately melancholic record, I think it's the natural sound of my voice as much as anything that gives it that feel. In terms of inspiration, my approach to sound and instrumentation has always been to use whatever seems appropriate for the particular track. Thats partly why I work so much on my own - so that I'm not  limited by a certain set of musicians or instruments. But I did set out to make a slightly less machine-driven album than the first one, so there's more of instruments like piano, strings and brass and a lot of the electronic instruments are played live so give them more of a human feel.

DD: What's the story behind the title?
Mr Fogg: Midway through writing the new album last year, I realised that the songs were so directly influenced by the time at which they were written that they couldn't have been made at any other time.  It was partly because I was paying a lot more attention to the media than before, but also because so much happened in 2011 - both personally and in the wider world - that it felt like a kind of dividing line between how the world was in the previous decade and how things are now and will be in the near future. So "Eleven" is a reference to the year 2011, and also a bit of a play on the idea that we still haven't quite come to a consensus on what we should be calling either of the first two decades of the century.

DD: What are you listening to in your free time?
Mr Fogg: So much of my time is taken up with creating or performing music that it's pretty rare for me to sit down and listen to anything by anybody else. Recently on tour we've been listening to a lucky dip selection of CDs that people have optimistically given me to listen to over the last few years and I've never got round to.  They get chosen by an evolving number-based system and then put on the stereo to see how long they last. It's amazing how quickly you decide (rightly or wrongly) whether something is worth listening to - most of them don't last more than one-and-a-half songs.